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Just noticed VEVO are no longer letting their videos play outside of YT.

I probably have their videos in prominent places all over the site by now, not least in the 200+ music video posts of which the latest can be seen below, but what do you know... suddenly it became a whole lot more difficult to view videos as they're meant to be viewed. Whenever you want to. At the click of a button without site-swapping to see the stream.

I understand their choice - of course they want people to view the videos at the source, but at the same time I really don't like it. I'll keep embedding videos as usual, VEVO content or no, but it's a sad day for all of us who embed other people's content on our blogs... though that sounds like a bad thing it's really the best method to share, and spread anything you appreciate or want to grow.

Seems like a good time to start featuring less-known artists, and giving recognition to those who really want it, and allow embeds outside the source. I just hope the industry doesn't take after VEVO and start going the same way, doing the same thing, now that I think about it...

What the hell VEVO! You're going to get so much shit for this from all kinds of users, and it's not like your rep couldn't use some improving, not the other way around. Surely it's in the interest of everyone to share and keep content relevant and popular, and it'll better your revenue too: no matter where these videos play the ads still show, and the more places people embed them the more they'll play.

Hope you rethink this strategy and revert these highly constricting video-sharing limitations. For you, for the artists and for the audience.


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