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Vikingdom (2013)

Vikingdom (2013)

A story of Vikings, in this day and age! Wasn't expecting this.

I also wasn't expecting to see the actor who played villian in Blade - The Trinity play the main character in this one. I didn't know who he was, but it turns out he's Dominic Purcell, an actor with quite a list of merits. At first he didn't seem like the best choice in being a hero, but by the end of the film I'm reconsidering that though. And considering he has a Norwegian father the role as viking is definitely merited; inherited.

It's strange seeing International stars try to play people from the North, but they do a good job. It seems the main criteria for sorting them out was a bulk of muscle, there's plenty of that, and then there's the rather unexpected Jon Foo who's martial arts make each better all the swifter. Amongst the giant Vikings he's an odd sight, but I'm glad he made it into the movie! Definitely the highlight of pretty much all battles he participates in (and I'm glad to see he participates in pretty much all battles).

This movie reminded me a bit of 300, in how the glory of battle is portrayed, and how death is rewarded. It tells the tale of an alliance between gods, of Thors attempt at overthrowing the human world to get rid of the false god (who we now know as just - God), of deceit, betrayal, temptation, love, sacrifice, all kinds of goodness! The battles are intense, and though the acting is far from perfect and some characters irritatingly apathetic or naive, the battles are what you want to watch this for. If you don't want to watch the battles, there's not much of value left. Oh, the sceneries are pretty cool too. Good watch!

Let's hope Vikings are the next big thing in the movie biz! :D

 rated 3/5: not bad


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