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Violent City (1970)

Violent City (1970)

It's a Charles Bronson film! An old classic with an obvious name. Gritty and slow as they only were in the way back then days.

It starts on a boat, with a totally jacked Bronson and a topless jackal of a broad.

Unexploited exotics, lush forests and blue seas... imagine being alive in the seventies. We've destroyed so much since. We've fucked up our world in it's entirety - all over - in all possible ways, and it seems we're not stopping either.

Everything seemed better back then.

They had a car chase to rival Bullit too.

The river boat graveyard was an unexpected highlight too. Wonder where that was. Wonder if it still exists.

The movie's about jealousy, a woman, the way of the world, and violence...

And it was better than expected. It's the seventies but they have some gadgetry, too. Like the see-through window to the swimming pool. All the details - simple though they may be by modern standards - I like them still. Prefer them to the ones of today, even. Even this vile, and violent world, seems favorable compared to the current one.

At least then things were simpler - even if they were just as hard. Bronson's the silent but strong type, yet quite the bard.

Forgotten gem this movie. Violent City. It riles; it's gritty.

Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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