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I remember a while ago I wrote a poem, about twenty.
Twenty long years, look how they disappeared...
Look how much I've spent beat.
Just sitting by the box in my sentry.
Guns outbound, shields up... feeling empty.
But time it waits for no man, it's a no mans land!
I live life like I a nomad am, just traveling...
Unraveling new thoughts; new paths to travel on.
Someday I'll reach my Babylon. Some day.

Some sunny day where the shade is a few degrees settling,
I bet on my outlet to get me there,
Even if all it is is venting.
I spent my summer days sitting indoors by the window, sipping gin no,
Just looking outside giving my mind a pencil, to bend prose.

I've been dope.
I feel I've been better, it's getting suspenseful.
I wonder how far I can get - if betterment sets - and all my utensils.
My brain, my mouth, my body I own but don't really hone,
In my broken home, a joke on a bone,
How long will they last, and are they meant to?
I rent a slice of life, and I guess my rent's due.
But I get high on wise advice, I feel I was lent shoes,
I feel like they told me to walk: and I started walking.
But where and when to?

When will my outlook be the sent views I see,
On postcards, in dreams; a meaning I cannot send you.
Will I then do, all the things to a new purpose serve?
A richer verse, if I was richer, if new perks emerge would I immerse in verse?
Would I go all out, no more stall: doubt.
No more fallout, no more falling out,
Pouting on laws that make my gall cloud.
No more nauseating nervousness or anxiety that quietens me when I want to ball!
But I'm not the only one with a dream.
I'm only one of us all.

Is my dream worth more to me, is it worth enough that I'll reach it?
Life's an orange a plum a peach tree, life's a beach. Life is easy.
Life is what you MAKE IT. Whether or not you make it it's all your call,
And maybe fate does have a play but you: You are your wall.

And my wall is tall, my wall is blatant... my wall is sacred.
My wall I don't touch, I don't try to budge, I bow to its greatness.
I made my wall blameless, I made it a God in my world, but it's not all that I've heard,
If I don't want to climb it... maybe I should just crawl through the dirt.
Emerge, from a world of hurt into a surf of Earth.
You heard it first, a long time before I'll wake up to my calling.
I'm climbing, I'm flying, I'm trying, I'm stalling.
My wall thins. I'm crawling. I'm all in.
Wall E. I'll maul thee.


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