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Wanted (2008)

Oh yeah, it gives you the strength you need. It's movies like this & Fight Club that give me all the adrenaline I could ever wish for. Inception was the greatest movie of the century, but still, it doesn't give the same kick as this one does. Not even close.

The story is a story of an old brotherhood of assassins who supposedly receive their orders from god almighty himself and have been acting based upon his orders since ancient times. They also know some fancy things like how to skew the path of a bullet. In the story we follow a seemingly regular kid that is suddenly told he is the son of a dead assassin and is asked to take over. Of course he does, after some hesitation, because it would be no movie otherwise.

The movie is intense, cynical, packed with action and as heavy as it can get. It has a great soundtrack, great filmography and characters you learn to know and care for. It has all I'm looking for in a movie and a "Get out and do something" moral that makes me want to just run run RUN! High five. Highly recommended.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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