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Wanted (2009)

Wanted (2009)

Radhe is a ruthless gangster who will kill anyone for money. He is attracted towards Jhanvi, a middle class girl, who does not approve of his work and wants him to change.

Thats the basic premises for the plot, but it does evolve! With the characters, with the fights, and eventually you get that one showdown you've been waiting for. And speaking of that one showdown: this flick really stole some inspiration from Banlieue (2004), with bits and pieces of Parkour-like chase, and one scene completely: the one from the Casino where Capt. Damien Tomaso hoists up the criminal through the air duct, his goons all bust in and shoot up the duct thinking he's fled the locale, yet they soon realize he's standing right behind the door. Clear copy.

My first thought was that this movie would've been inspired by that other movie with the same name, with Angelina Jolie, you know (from 2008) but those two have nothing in common. It is an action thriller with a twist though, with a whole lot of action, with a good script that doesn't reveal too much in advance. And that punchline... "once I commit myself to something, I don't listen to even myself". You've got to have one of those to know you're watching a good Bollywood movie. :D

The main character - a pretty tough guy, is played by Salman Khan, the dude from 'Dabangg'... amongst other great titles. So far he doesn't disappoint!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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