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Wasting Time Saving Time

iTime, is a new online utility built to save time. There are calenders you can create to schedule your days, notepads you can use to organize your life, and many other services that are meant to systematically facilitate everything you do. I wonder how much time was spent compiling these various programs, and furthermore I wonder how much time I've spent using them. Sure, I like these nifty utilities, they look great, and they're fun to use, but they're more a faction of addiction than they are time-savers. I find myself typing in things like 'update my facebook profile' on Oh! Do, and adding an important meet for Thursday to play Chess with my buddy Andreas in my onine calender. Why? It's not like I won't remember these things unless I write them down, I'm not senile, and it seems to me that the less time I spent trying to save time, the more time I can spend on purposeful activities, such as writing blogs like this. Be wise.


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