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Watchmen (2009)

Watchmen (2009)

What a sinister superhero movie this was! Drawing inspiration from a group of superheros that reigned in a time before the eighties (which is when this movie takes place), a group of superheros form, and are thrown into a world where tension between the US and Soviet is high, and a shadow villain grinds on character relations to put them against each other. But you don't know that until the end. The twists and intrigue's heavy with this one.

Just the play on the old world is enough for me to +1 the score though. It's not an entirely new idea having a superhero movie take place in a time before ours, but it's something that sets it apart from most superhero movies of the modern day. Most superhero movies now play on the new, and the future, and technology and cultural enhancements: alternate realities better than our own, whereas this one opts for an older, different variant of the one we had. Like they just rewrote the history books. In another galaxy it could've been like this! And who knows, maybe it is another galaxy? That'd be a surprise twist.

Whichever galaxy it takes place in: it's one with tremulous times, and masks are banned for the sake of law and order - ending the era of superheros, yet Rorschach still roams the streets, as vigilant and violent as ever, and old friends pop in for the occasional nostalgia. There's a scheme of death brewing in the background. It starts at the start when the Comedian dies, and Rorschach's journal begins.

His narrative is grim and all but smoothing, but suitable. It starts in a noir-like way, but moves onto color, and as we are introduced to more and more characters and their relationships, we are introduced to more and more of the plot as well.

It's a strangely personal superhero movie, where the people and their pasts are a big part of the focus, and the fate of the world seems to come second. It's stylistic, and symbolic, and packed with interesting personalities unlike the superhero types we'd know and expect... maybe to say there's a potential hero in any one of us, no matter how much of a sociopath the world molds us into? The cast is one I haven't seen much of before, no notabilities, but they seem like they should be famous. Malin Akerman's here too, which as we share a common nationality seems like a relevant thing to mention, though I hadn't heard of her either! Either way: they're a top-notch bundle.

There's comedy, but it's not a 'fun' movie. It's really not. But then again life is a joke, isn't it? Just like the Comedian says. It all ties together, and ends with a bang. Not like you thought it would - unless you've seen it before, and that's another reason to +1 the score. That, and a story well presented, and characters with character, and the world that is as it is. It's a bit like Sin City. A more colorful, more powerful version of Sin City, with better special effects. Like Sin City and some other superhero movie mashed together. You'd better watch this, men. It's one fascinating, suspenseful, and strangely depressing act.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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