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Check it out! It's a well-working, embeddable, JS-based, minimalistic, P2P communication contraption (AKA CHAT) with no frills, just everything you really need to initiate a quick convo with strangers all around the globe. First one to join becomes the host, via which all communication is relayed, and if they leave you can just refresh the page to take over. It's pretty cool.

It's also not mine, but it seemed handy and worth promoting, and the author's OK with it being here as well. For the record SHIT CHAT is the official name, and although I think something like ASTOUNDING CHAT would've been a better sounding name for it since it's not shit (nor is shit frequently chatted about there... as far as I know), it is a chat, and this has a nice ring to it too don't you think? Short. Simple. Memorable.

And not a name that raises bars or expectations all too high either.

I'll probably not be on much, but who knows, some dark and silent nights when spare time allows... who knows. Hopefully others will when I'm not.

Also keep in mind that the userbase here is not limited to CDB. This thing can be embedded anywhere, and will have the same users in every place. You never know who you might run into! Have fun.


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