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We Must Cultivate...

We Must Cultivate Our Garden.


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  1. Andreas Johansson
    Wednesday Mar/20/2024

    Inner or outer? I really emphasize the importance of cultivating your inner garden. Not least. Know thyself. Self-improvement. Whatever it takes :)

  2. S3C
    Thursday Mar/21/2024

    @Andreas he's talking about his garden up North. But its too soon for that yet!

  3. Cyber
    Thursday Mar/21/2024

    Heeey Andreas! Indeed, that's probably the one Voltaire's referring to here as well, the most metaphorical and important of gardens.

    Seemed somewhat comical a quote out of context though, fun to post.

    Then again, if you do tend to a material outer garden properly, maybe that implies the immaterial inner garden's in good order too; this really means exactly what you think it means, whichever garden you think it may be referring to...

  4. Cyber
    Thursday Mar/21/2024

    @S3C jests. :P Though for sure, probably still plenty of snow over those rows, finna start melting rapidly in a month or so...

    If y'all haven't been properly introduced btw, since these comments now happen to coincide: Andreas, meet long-time CDB supporter and collaborative US-based Internetal good friend S3C! S3C meet good IRL buddy back from the school days Andreas, who happens to reside pretty close to that aforementioned garden too!

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