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Week 1 & 2 - The New Year! Hear!

I think I'll break down on my blogging pace a bit this year. At least for now. To nurture the New Year while it's still fresh and dandy, maybe. To watch the weather shift and the snow melt away. To hop along the ice patches and see where this road leads me.

The New Year's off to a bit of a slow start, but at least I'm all caught up on the Walking Dead now, and on my One Piece manga (from 48 to 66 since my last post, which btw means I kept an unintentional pace of exactly 16 books/week from start to finish... give or take an extra two at the end), finished last year's Project 2016, started on this year's Project 2017, and now I've caught up on the weeklies too.

I spent the last weekend (and then some) with my nephew - we toured museums and stayed up late nights playing games, and this weekend a group of relatives came over for one final Christmas feast before Christmas goes out the window, which is what we're been doing today, with exceptions for long walks; rejoicing in the rare and rejuvenating spring-like sunshine that lingers outside for a few hours. For the second day in a row. Maybe tomorrow it'll be back to the usual shades of gray.

Though the snow missed Christmas by a slim margin it came back around... a while. We had the most amazing winter weather right at the start of the new year, and enjoyed it fully. Apart from walks, surprise visits and temporary celebration: I'm back to work again, and falling behind on past projects and site stuff. Sorry S3C, no prime number post for 11/1/17! Some other prime time.

It's been a pretty good two first weeks though, and you can hear a bit of them here and here, in this year's first two Project 2017 recordings: one weekly - be it freestyle for other, until this year is over. I'll formulate something better for that later on. I'm actually not all the way through last year's project yet *shame*, but the New Year's supposed to be a fresh start right? So best stay fresh; move on with the new! And finish the remainder of last year's dues when time grows huge.

In other news I recently upgraded the RAM in two of my computers: the old and the home office one. I swapped out 4 x 256MB DDR sticks with 4 x 512MB in the old - maxing it out, and added 2 x 1GB DDR2 sticks to the new, bringing it up to 5GB total. Still not as much as I'd like, but it's all I could do with spare parts! I've ordered a batch of 4 x 2GB sticks, so when those arrive this setup will be maxed out as well. Capacity-wise, at least. Apparently both mobo and CPU set the bar for how high bus speed your computer RAM can have, though I'm not reaching for the top there yet. It seems bus speed's not the most important thing (and what about latency?), even if it does make a difference... RAM's a new world for me. Even if I did upgrade the old computer back in the day. Just a couple additional sticks though.

The gaming computer... I can't upgrade that one yet. No spare DDR3 lying around, and apparently large-capacity RAM is expensive! So I'd better wait till I need them. Maybe until I actually have time to play.

I'm back to my no-shopping obsession again too... which come to think of I haven't posted about on the blog yet, so you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. More on that later then.

The minutes are slowly counting down now, and the counter marks the end of the second week of this grand New Year... I'm not feeling as free and unshackled as I hoped I would; with a bit of a backlog of old projects trailing after, but with a little less reviewing movies, and a little more doing what needs to done I should be caught up in no time. The New Year's off to a slow start, yo... but it's picking up!

You can browse all weekly posts of last year here. And hey: looks like I'll keep the tradition going. If not with weekly, the maybe a double every once in two. :) Until next time: have a good few remaining minutes!



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  1. S3C
    Tuesday Jan/17/2017

    Blast!! hehe, no sweat dude. 18.6% of the year is prime dates... there's always 11/1/17 in november...

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Jan/18/2017

    Oh haha, that is true. XD Should be all caught up by then I hope!

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