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Week 1, 2017

The New Year's off to a slow start yo,
I loaf around at home till my souls grow low,
But new thing's kicking in and my nephew's visiting
and I'm singing in this thing so it's almost too not slow,
And to greet we had a party this weekend we had a feast!
No Bacardi or Chardonnay but shots of barley and cheese,
And I party like a beast! Headache or no headache,
Games till we are dead-faced, we're not tools to sleep.
It's been a: pretty good first week! I've had a sweep!
Though melancholy collared in on the same old metro-trolley.
Work is a fact now I'm sitting back down yet with my background,
I feel I should be out of this world like Marshall the Rap Clown,
I'm not there yet but I don't back down even if my back's wracked as I rap now like a black cloud,
And my shopping obsession's back like my plaque but what is that sound hmm, what amounts, raise a capped brow!
Something outside, something saying fast! Better go aft.
It's a sign, but not on no plaque. Is it a truth or a fact? Vision: lucid or mat?
The world's in chaos, maybe it'll go whack and crash this year,
It's crumbling down with the methane rising in our atmosphere!
Such a depressing session... winter depression sets in....
The world has done it's bit and till summer's in it's like a bum out of blessings,
Raise your thumb for impressions. Psycho collage is in session!
But at least you can't get my flow to crack! You know that!
Ho ho laugh. I watched Trolls so I got some go and I'm on a roll
With skimming new products that I don't GO for but now I KNOW more
About the latest 3D printers... in lack of light!
Winter may be dark but I ain't peeling splinters... in the mask of the night!
Off my feet. Here's a deaf beet.
Here's the first of many! A fresh start. This is true art. I'll make ends meet, stop pretending, and befriend leet, and great emcees! And try to never append greed!

Cause I just like that word like Chaperone. I don't know what that means but it rhymes with whack a mole and guacamole and chap a toe it's whack I know but facts don't go nowadays they just want wordplay every day like tracks with rose.
I'm back to rap sooo maybe I'm back at home! And still trying to go fast not get back to slow.
The New Year's starting and I feel it's impactable. Wonder how far it'll go hopefully far enough that I can make a note.
Hoping to keep it going for at least another... 360 or so days. More than I can ever dream... to showcase.
It's the start. Project Twothousandseventeen! Here we go mate. Fast cars. Road rage. Better get your road cage!

Happy New Year. Yeah.


The New Year is off to a slow start yo I
Missed the train and it's going home... oh no... oh no...


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