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Week 1 - New Year 2015!

It's a New Year! And I have no resolutions! I thought about abiding by two mottos rather than a more concrete list of goals. To live as if each day were the last, and to live as if each day is a new day.

I also wrote up a bit of inspirational wisdom as I contemplated how, in further detail, I want to live. It goes like this: Don't wait, but don't haste. Don't hesitate. Don't stall, don't fall, don't all. Don't say "yes" if you stress. Don't do if you are not supposed to. But mostly, a 'can't do' won't do: think instead of what you could do. Be good too.

Is that it? Will that concise note to self of the do's and not do's be enough to motivate me in achieving all the great things I wish to achieve this year??! A formal resolutions post might be more fun to look back at when it's all done... assuming I've achieved what I set out to do. Unlike last year. That aftermath is finally posted at last... feel free to read up on my failures and inabilities of the past year, if you wish! And my one success.

On the blog I've written 5 reviews this week, the first two music posts of the year, an inspiring quote by a good friend rather than a famous person - for a change, and that traditional New Year post. Did I mention I spent New Year with a headache? I'd rather had cake than had ache, and I rested so much during day I had to stay up a tad bit late, blinded by light even though I had my blinds drawn as the New Year's light slowly rising on a white lawn.

Life? There's been too much candy, too much sugary goodness, cakes and baked goodies, Julmust and Cider and heaps of sweet things! And chips. I've walked. I've written. I've played games. There is little to foretell apart from the seamless transition between years. More seamless than usual, I believe, due to my lack of new motives. Goals. That grand to do list for the new year that usually sets it apart from the previous.

We watched the fireworks in a dog this year, uncertain times ahead, but I think I see the light on the other side of this gray haze! The New Year starts hopeful.

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