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Week 10 - Writer's BLOCK

Finally! Hah! Yeah! I just finished a short story I should have handed in on Wednesday. Booyah. Doesn't that sound like a reason for celebration? Well it is, because I'd started to wonder if I'd be able to hand in this assignment at all. I'd like to say it's been a sever case of flu or something that came in the way of the task at hand, but it was shamefully just a severe case of procrastination. Or maybe I should call it a severe case of writer's block. That seems to be a popular term nowadays.

I actually started working on a text at the very start of the week, but it didn't take long before I was stuck. It felt impossible to write anything, and even more impossible to make the idea last more than the minimum 2000 words, so, I stopped working on it. I went back to it the next day, and wasted a measurable amount of time attempting to write something. It didn't work. On Wednesday? Impossible. I wrote a couple of new ideas and tried developing those but it just DID NOT FUNCTION! ARGH! It was like hammering a toothpick into a concrete wall.

And then late last night, when I was on the verge of giving up, a name popped into my mind: Lorna. I don't know where I've heard that name before (I am assuming I have heard it before since it does exist), but it was perfect, and it seemed like the plot surrounding this name developed itself. I started thinking of hibis or hubris or something like that, and an isolated mountain village, and a fire, and ancient civilization, and suddenly the story was paved. It was still harder to write than it should have been; alternative tasks have been competing for my attention all day, but I made it, I handed it in, it's over! YES! Now I just gotta finish another assignment I've left as second priority before midnight... wish me luck.

Oh btw, here's last week's post. Night.


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