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Week 11 - A Languid Limp

What a week. Almost a week x 2. I was so weak, I could barely speak to you. I went and fell with my bike, then went to work like alright, then rode back home cause whatever, then the day after I'm weathered way down under the weather just feeling slight. Five days feverish but I made the rite, the sun shines today and I'd really like to take a hike. My scrubs are healing, my hip's still feeling, I cough and reel in but the prospect's appealing of this life: it's pretty grand and bright. Like Raisin Bran with a strand of stripes. Rhyme disband to write:

Before that fateful crash though, the week went pretty well, and I forgot to mention this earlier but I did visit a couple more museums last week too. Moderna and Östasiatiska. Good times. Especially the latter had a really fascinating ensemble of cultural heritage from such cultures that eh... I find really fascinating. Maybe there'll be more museum visits later on. Maybe it'll be a while though.

Not much to write about the week in question, but I thought I'd at least get this thing posted before this week is almost through and these posts get all too confusing. Apart from daily 750 Word posts (am I glad I'd written a few of those in advance!) and deposits, I've barely touched the computer since Thursday. I was really totally out of it. Climbing down the stairs for dinner was an unsteady feat a couple of days - I lay in bed for minutes just trying to will myself to get up, and it felt like I could just keep my eyes closed the entire day, though lying still just fed the headache. I would've tossed and turned through my feverish nights and days were it not for whatever issue I have with this hip that at first really limited my potential postures. Still hurts when I shift it carelessly, or lie on my right side.

I started Friday with a cough, and sore throat, and muscles, and stiff neck, and a headache, and chills, and dark wounds, but enough disease and recuperation now! I can feel my powers slowly returning. As the sun starts to rise earlier, and the dust of swept-away grit and gravel from the past winter sweeps over the neighborhood, I feel like it's all coming back again. My darkest point was definitely on Sunday - coincidentally also the March equinox, that day when the sun appears to leave the southern hemisphere and cross the celestial equator. Meaning: summer's on its way. Things can only get brighter from here on out. :) I'm a bit hesitant about how I'll get my hip fixed to this limp lift, but maybe time is all I need, everything seems to be healing.

On the blog I've also posted this, and here's last week. Arrivederci!


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