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Week 11 - Five Essay Day & Six Others

So what's new? I've been learning Japanese with an online buddy for a couple of weeks, just a few words a day, and it was going OK until we started working on sentences. Looks like learning the words might be a better choice. In other news one of the few artists I follow just released a free mixtape. If you know me, then it's obviously Yelawolf, and you can download Trunk Muzik Returns for free (it's legal too, custom beats). I was actually prepared to pay for it, but what the hell was I thinking anyway, it's a mixtape! Wonder if they'll be making a 0.60 version of this with a refined track set later on. That would be neat.

Yesterday was a hectic day. I wrote five essays. I started early morning, ate breakfast, kept going, took a walk, got to it, took a walk, ate lunch, dove back in, procrastinated momentarily, found my willpower, checked some YouTube videos, found something inspiring, wrote the final two in one go and handed it all in twenty minutes before midnight. Feels good, and this week is starting better than last one. Starting with progress, just bam, a perfect screwdiver straight into an ocean of creativity. Otherwise there's been a lot of sunny days and sitting inside working on varied tasks that... I don't feel like talking about. You probably wouldn't be interested in hearing about them either. I'll post something when I have something to say so... until then!

Here's last week's post.


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