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Week 12 - Eclipse

The week passed faaaaast, as seems to be becoming tradition see. I've been watching PC viciously, Hawaii Five-0 so I feel alive yo! Entire first season before I felt my knees freezing. I hear there was a solar eclipse but I did not catch it, though I hear it appeared here on the atlas. Clouds reared up as if magnified smoke rose from a match stick. I've written one movie review for a groovy movie real quick (John Wick). Posted some music, among others two freestyles with Catfish, and here's last week, and that's it.

The first five days of the week stunned with their summer-like sun burn, the latter two with sudden snowfall and no stall. That's all I have to post yall, for those who want to know all I'd recommend a home call. Right now the winter loams tall and no lawns glow clover, like an oak shawl, I wait to mow down roads amongst Mohawk walls. Till next week. Alohall.


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