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Week 12 - Hip Hope

I spent most of this week inside, resting up. No work, but not much play either, and this Easter weekend hasn't been as much a party as I'd hoped for. On Saturday we were invited out, and on Sunday I had a plane ticket booked to Ă–stersund - to spend some time with my big Bro & Co, but neither of those things happened. My cold is cured (apart from a lingering cough), and my wounds are close-to healed, but my hip is still acting up!! I decided against my anticipated vacation, at great uncertainty and doubt, because I'm not sure how I'd fare in stairs and other obstacles there, in the town on a mountain. Part of me really would have liked to go, but part of me really didn't, and I'm still not sure I made the right choice. The probable cause of all this mauling wistfulness and woe: Bursitis.

Just taking a short walk is enough to make the pain flare up, and I can't walk quickly, but not walking doesn't make me feel any better otherwise. I'm starting to feel kind of down. Movement seems like a crucial component in the feel-good-and-alive state of being I'd like to be in, so how long is this going to take?! And work starts tomorrow again. How is that going to be? How can I maintain my focus for a full day by the computer without my customary, rejuvenating lunch walk outside? I should probably book a time with a physiotherapist, but I stall because... well don't we all. I'm not sure what route I should take, because I don't know the root of my problem, I guess? But until I get it checked out, I won't know either way.

This uncertainty is hurting me, and when I close the curtain and revert to sleep - lying just on one side to advert the hurt, I feel the boulder that burdens me. I see the sun and I'd like to soak in. I see the shine, and I'd like to hope, that soon I'll be out there in a coating of warmth and light, on my morning rite. I cannot hop - not on this hip, but I could hiphop if this cough would slip. I sit in a mist and I hope it drifts, away, soon so that I could lift. Through this gloamy and loaming state, with human bones and a booming rage: a will, a wish, to shift and rattle me! Instead of this cliff and rift of apathy. Through which I fall - it mauls me down, but I'll keep on crawling till all is ground, and I emerge from the tunnels damp, to the banks of day and can say my thanks. And clamp away with oiled-in hips! There's no way, you'll foil this wish.

Well, on the blog I finally got those Sunday Chimes posted, and some music, and here's last week. 6 movie reviews too. Aaaand that's all for the week, here's hoping that despite unlucky numbers, this one will be for the better.


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