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Week 13 - Cold Though Summer Brews

Another week passed by fast. I want to write a rhyme get me back on my track(s). Seven eight nines and the count is a lapse. My mount is my casket my crown is my cast. My cast's too small - need a few new workers, so I can go berzerk with all that I want to serve yer cranium, insane idioms - a rain of refrains and a map pack for all those games that I've slain. But no pain no gain and my main pain's timeless, less time more pain, lest I find bliss. A state of mind where I leave all behind and forget about all time and if you look straight into my iris - you'll see that I eye bliss even with wide eyes under my lids. I go the full mileage. Yeah.

So the week started with a cold still brewing. Fortunately I only had one day of 'work' until I'd reached the monthly quota; no need to call in sick (I'm paid hourly so I wouldn't get paid if I stayed home), and the rest of the week's been a breeze... though busy all the same. I've reformed the comment system a bit on this site, added avatars and some nifty CSS styles, and somehow managed to hide the comment form from all posts without existing comments, but... I'll get that fixed. Soon. So you can all start writing again. Both of you. :P

I've paid my time with studies, a walk with a buddy, plenty of NG, 9 posted reviews (of movies I watched last week and the one before that... mostly) and this and this and this and this and that's it. Also finally got around to posting those favorite music videos of 2013. Last week's right there.


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