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Week 13 – Easter Feast Sir

I came back from an Easter party this weekend to a post-it note on the door. A buddy walked by... surprise! The days have been sunny and walkative, interactions funny and talkative, the weekend filled with social gaming, offnet, painted eggs and a room search that livening up the living room. Also a couple of assignment deadlines on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. And today was game day.

I tried the first ice cream of the year, a limited edition Magnum. The third stick in the series is coming out in May. Pacman Doom received an award! I didn't finish the Happy Easter sketch I'd hoped to post this weekend, but I'm almost halfway. Maybe tomorrow. Food's been good, day's been long. Ces Cru released their new album, Andrew Huang released his new album and Walk Off The Earth just received their new album (huh?) copies. I bought Wrack, a hopeful Doom clone that I haven't had time to play yet and I'm getting a tan. That's all. And this is not a joke since I already did that a couple of years ago. NG doesn't seem to have time for a proper April Fool's pun either, but at least Google's still got it (see below). Here's last week.

Smelling Is Believing


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