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Week 13 - Merry Christmas!

...was what I was plotting to post the first of this month. But then I thought... nah. It should be something better than that. Yet I could think of nothing better! So, I guess I'll post a post about how I posted no April Fools post, just a little lyrical poetry.

Newgrounds did it's customary number though, surpassing recent yearly events by transforming to TrumpGrounds, and I've saved my evidence of this grand event for future recall. I don't think I was tricked by any of the blogs or news stories online either, though there were plenty of entertaining gimmicks. It's that one day of the year I'm thankful I'm aware of what day it is! And always entertained by the responses of the people who were not. :) Like birthdays, it'd be fun to be surprised sometime though, and not always know when something's about to go down.

Life overall is slowly moving back to usual. I started working again this week, and though it was a bit arduous navigating to and from the office the first day, that hazardous hip feels much better now. Unnoticeable, almost. Sleep is the only occasion in which I still can't move freely. Apart from a train trip that was supposed to take 40 minutes, but took 1 hour and 40 minutes instead, it's all been good. Know what other than timely commuter traffic is crap btw? Taxi Brooklyn. It wasn't like the Taxi movies at all. I spontaneously started with that series earlier this week, but didn't make more than two episodes before I decided it wasn't worth the time. I found Soul Eater instead, and have spent many an hour with that one! And a couple old Star Trek movies this weekend.

You know what's great though? MX Player for Android. Where even VLC player lags, MX Player does not! It can play everything - at least all the normal formats a regular computer would play with ease. After trying a myriad of other players, and one after the other giving me a black screen after black screen, or choppy footage where it seemed it might work, this was awesome to find. This on a sub-par single-core smartphone that's a few years old already. It's feature-packed too. Great app.

On the blog I've posted this and this and 6 movie reviews, and I think that's all I have on my mind at the moment. Here's last week.


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Apr/6/2016

    oh, Christmas in April. had me fooled with how fast this year is going -_-

    too bad it wasn't real, Trump would have made NewGrounds great again!! on the other hand though, he would build a wall around NewGrounds and what NewGrounds needs is more content creators!! And I probably would be exiled since I'm brown LOL

    What a coincidence, this week you have a hazardous hip feel, and I uploaded A Certified Hip Feel to NewGrounds. btw, is the Swedish bus/train stop meme true?

    Soul Eater is made by Square Enix, I wonder if they have any writers/producers on the staff that where also involved in the creation of the Final Fantasy games. If so, it' probably a sick anime. Ever seen Dimension W??

    I'll have to check out the app. All the same my basic smartphone with just the default apps runs media better than my f*cked up comp wtf. Only problem is my data plan is minimal. After my last phone died two years ago, I purchased a smartphone as "normal" cells were defunct and not sold at stores. Never intended to use it like a computer and all the auxiliary functions besides communication.

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Apr/6/2016


    Half the NG population would've probably been shut off. :) Though I wonder if it'd even be possible to enforce such limitations online hmm, it's not like 12 year olds don't sign-up now despite the 13 y/o limit...

    lmao XD I haven't ever been in a line like that before! We do tend to spread out a bit, but it's usually more a group than a line. Which I had assumed was normal behavior?

    On my way to check out that hip music. :)

    Oh, woah, I didn't know they were behind it! Can't seem to Google up any info on that, but apparently there's an attack with the same name in the Final Fantasy universe. Hidden reference potential? It was great! Not Final Fantasy-level awesome, but it had me hooked enough to watch all 51 episodes in less than two weeks...

    Hadn't heard of Dimension W. Looks worth a watch though, added to my watchlist.

    Maybe there's a way to plug in the phone to your monitor when you play movies? Sounds like you really need a new computer though! I'm actually struggling with a few movies right now, using the powerful but also very resource-intense h265 HVEC codec. So far I haven't found a single player that doesn't lag! Planning to post a short comparison on that later on. Just one more to try before I'll have to give up... or maybe get some more RAM. My computer isn't THAT bad though, HVEC is just intense. Converting movies can be a chore but I never thought I'd run into playback issues...

    Normal cells can still be found here btw. Incredibly cheap too compared to teh smartphones (cheapest ones around $10). I have two Nokia phones I've never even used, purchased for ten cents a piece on a particularly groovy campaign a few years back. Probably wouldn't be able to get a phone that cheap again though. Reason I don't use them is mainly because you can't adjust the volume, and it's high! But otherwise they seem OK.

  3. S3C
    Thursday Apr/7/2016

    I think Luis, Doomroar, and that Vixuxar guy would also be deported but most everyone else is in the clear. Ehh, Trump would just build a virtual wall.

    Probably normal behavior. I'm just reading that it's improper to spark up conversations with strangers in Nordic-lands; not that it's something I'd encourage to do over here anyway. Americans just have a propensity for talking about asinine sh*t including with random people/strangers at places of commutation. It could also just be that American has a considerably denser population.

    I thought you had a super gaming computer?

  4. Cyber
    Thursday Apr/7/2016

    Mmm, they can't hide their identities now. Too late for them!

    Yeah, we do keep to ourselves a lot whilst mingling with people we do not know. If someone starts talking to you - about anything other than help with directions or such, you wonder if there's something wrong with that person, if they're maybe drunk or on drugs... I wish we were as outgoing as Americans though. It's not like people don't like to socialize. It's funny btw, people do appreciate Americans speaking to them, probably because it's well-known Americans are outgoing people. You'd never get as suspicious a response there as talking to a Swede. Also, old people are OK too, they can speak more freely without it being taboo.

    Oh yeah, I do have the gaming computer for games, but I try to use the normal one for all normal tasks, this is the one I have turned on most of the time. Less noise, and probably less power consumption. The other one's not as super now as it was a few years ago either, can't really keep up with the newest games any longer.

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