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Week 14, 2015

What have I been doing this past week?
Staying up nights till I'm past sleep
Collecting AP tracks I stash beats
Got this one from S3C that guy packs heat
It was for another week when I speaked
But I feel a need to emcee unique
Inbetween all the Easter feeds I sit down by the PC
and feed you some week critique I've been...


Stashing up cash for a nice mic
Passing by sites planning a bike buy so I don't need to hike miles
Walking by drying ice under nice skies
Planning for the weekend - birch branches we slice dry
Seeking nice vibes (like this) to which I try rhyme
I woke one morning felt like a king and decided to record something on a whim
But it didn't sound quite right
I write rhymes! I write them every day and night times!
I'm a modern knight I'm, always talking bout world change!
Read my blog, "Bob ya tell em man"
I should be out in the real world hellish game
Become famous, get some space on the telly some rainy day
When the sunshine cannot quell my pain
I still dwell on the same tame and relished lane
The lane of safety of shame and delicacies for every day
Breakfast lunch dinner break and a bedtime sandwhich
There's a cake in the fridge and I'ma go to fetch some candies
From the bowl in the living room when noon resumes
I don't have skeletons in my closet, I've got chewy prunes
Healthy stuff cause health r us and my shelves undust
I store honey jars and boxes of raisins I ration tough luck
If you're burglaring my house for chump stuff
I scourage the cabinets for all the goodies nobody has claimed
Grab a marker and scar all honey jars with my name
Like I'm Winnie the Pooh, doing... whatever we do
To get by on life, I'll grow: then try my size
And you can, walk in my shoes if you want some used tens
I wear them thin till you see through them, moving
Silent like a Ninja when I feel the ground
Step the 'crescent moon walk', and I don't make a sound
Unless I'm baking soda and shaking nouns, I'm pro verb
I make a tough cookie, you can't break me down
Oh and the week's been good... yeah!

Cyberdevil... S3C... Week 14.


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