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Week 14 - Easter!

Thought I'd record a little something for a change. ;)

Thanks to S3C for the beat! Don't want to fill this post with lyrics, so you can find those here. It was meant to summarize the week but kinda spiraled into something else, so...

To concisely summarize the events of the most recent seven days: it's been good! Easter started closing in with leaps and bounds right from Monday: we collected birch branches, feathered them, hung up old hollowed eggs from years past (we usually paint a few new each year), played hide and keep with paper eggs filled with alternative candies (like chocolate raw food delicacies) today - you never grow too old, had cake and Jansson's Temptation and a good time! And shall do tomorrow too.

I persevered with the NG AP collection for five days straight, but haven't made more than three letters progress this week. Blame it on M. 3,700 artists. Still not finished.

Game development has been processing nicely, despite some (on my part) unthoughtful accusations on that one day that I hope left no permanent damage. Gotta be careful what persons you suspect on this short-lived bout of paranoia! :O Though in better news I don't think I got tricked. NG played a particularly google joke this year.

I've posted a bunch of things on the blog, 3 movie reviews and one day woke up inspired. Here's last week, and until the next one:

Happy Easter!

Was planning a little minigame for this spectacular but incredibly short occasion btw, but: time. Better save that idea for another rainy year.


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  1. S3C
    Friday Apr/10/2015

    happy Jewish Zombie day!! thanks for the plug!! sick tune, dude!!

    the rhythm is more in sync with the beat (obviously), good sound, nice lyrics as usual (rainy day...quell my pain, scar all honey jars with my winnie the pooh, crescent moon walk...I don't make a sound).

    I think the intro would sound better started without vocals (perhaps move that crafty section to a similar interlude section without drums?) then after the first drum pattern sounds, BAM come the lyrics "stashing up for a nice mic.." or like in the original (week 2- "it's life as usual"), right before the beat starts preceding the Cyberdevillian "yeah". Also, the original had those mysterious, metaphorical, slightly philosophical vocals that matched up quite well with the atmosphere of the beat...and some creative backing vocals and placing of "yeah" and "uh" ad-libs. And that clever line "Yeah how can I do that? A question directed at you cats" perhaps a second verse (re)-recording with Week 2 lyrics to retain the overall charm sometime in the future?

  2. Cyber
    Friday Apr/10/2015

    Zombies are still a thing huh. :P Happy Jewish Zombie Day right back at ya! It was a sick beat, dude!! Thanks.

    Mmm, 'it's life as usual' feels like a good way to start, 'stashing up on a new mic' out of context somehow, though I guess I'm biased from making it the way it was made now... I liked how the 'intro' (the textual one) jumped to the actual verse right at the shift, with an entirely different tone to it, more impact; pace. I was indeed planning on remaking the Week 2 thing with this, but then came this one afternoon when I wanted to write something, and this beat was right there! Just waiting to be used! That other one will require some reworking to fit the tempo, but it's a plan man. :)

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