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Week 14 - Fast Week, Like Last Week

Another week passed by waaaay too fast, and I'm a couple days late to post about it.

I took an awesome walk this Sunday, sun scheming behind a slow drift of clouds. I've watched through the sixth season of Walking Dead (it was great), sold a book, and visited a coin museum early in the week (The 'Royal Coin Cabinet' - it was more fun than it sounds... if you think it doesn't sound fun, that is). I also got a new comment on a blog I'd forgotten I had, which you can find here. I haven't posted on it in ten years - and then only the opening one, but it's still there. WordPress is a pretty neat service.

The rest of days has been work, mostly, and all those other projects.

Here are 1 and 2 kickstarters I feel I must post a link to, though I haven't supported them myself yet, and on the blog I've posted this and this, and 6 movie reviews, and 4 anime reviews.

I don't usually mention anime posts since they're not shown in the main stream on the front page, but that's because the episode reviews I posted back in the day would flood this page. I don't post episode reviews any longer, so maybe I should change that back to how it used to be, and let anime fuse into the usual stream. All the anime shows I've been watching this season ended, except for the eternal One Piece and Naruto Shippuuden (they're really dragging out the latter). I feel like my interest for anime's awakening again though, so maybe I'll pick up a couple new ones soon, if time allows...

Regarding the bike thing: my hip finally feels OK! My wounds are healed! I've been walking whenever I have the chance, hoping to start jogging soon so I can get in shape for the 1 mile run I had planned to participate in this May. At this point I'm starting to doubt I'll get be trained before the day... but you never know till time is all away! And with that, this rushed post has touched most of the topics I think I ought to juxtapose.

Last week is here, and that's all! Till next time.


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