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Week 14

Another week gone by I feel the time I fly I see the clear blue sky above my head red with sunshines downing my frown in cold dread yay. Then the week was gone and a new starts tomorrow the clouds roll over the world fills with sorrow. I bury my troubles for new ones to borrow and strive towards future days just a phase of flames and disgrace the days pass like plays a race against age the page turns obliged I keep living my life.

I've started keeping a schedule so I get more things done, a small red notebook, and this week all pages have been filled. It's working nicely. I've been out driving a lot - practicing, walking an hour or two each day, scripting a new RPG system for my site, translating 3 script language files, translating poker articles, designing, form-processing, updating, maintaining, organizing and roaming around a few communities... among other things. Doesn't seem like that much? Updating and Maintaining process don't come easy. I've been going through a few thousand files, downloaded a few hundred new files, updated a few hundred links and filled in a few hundred forms. :P

Now, time for cake, seriously, cake, have a good day peoples. :P


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