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Week 15, 2017

It's another week man! And I thought I'd try writing for the weekend,
Close my blinds and try sleep in, dive into dreams off the deep end
Let dreams deepen, it's on them I depend to get through the night,
Till morning comes with the crudest light!

It's pretty cool this life, it's pretty cool but spring is coming,
When summer's here I bet I'll be the only one in,
Winter's been a stressful session with my job and dues,
We've got this project going on that's never on the move,

And at home I store my life in older folders,
Hoping some day I'll have time to go through and get closure,
Still I write new prose and blogs and time keeps rolling on,
And the more I spend here the more I know I'm going wrong.

I wrote a song I... wrote a few verses,
I keep on writing if I don't it all feels worthless,
And I keep watching movies just to post reviews, though I like movies too,
My good deeds, my dreams! Where are they Scooby Doo?

It's only me who steers the way man, I know it I know it,
I keep thinking I've got lots of time but look how far I'm going
Without doing what I'm supposed to I think I'm finna just roast you
Champ! You got to get battling go pro and get into pro tools to be a dope composer

Get some composure, get new perspective, get into the world not in where regret is,
Switch up the setting... I've been thinking but still I'm not doing like screw it forget it,
I used to always be moving places and going to school that I couldn't skip,
Always on a move and it was a trip, but now I don't move like a Truman I'm...

Stuck in my routines! Stuck in my old drama!
Stuck in my youth, teens, what do you mean? I still feel like it's easier to spend time with my nephew than with the next dude my age,
Cause they don't get to play, maybe I won't step that way,
I'm still having fun man even if I'm some clam, even if I work in abundance to have fun but I don't want to succumb to age,

Without being able to say I took my chances, and made it. Or didn't. Whichever way you wish to take: be brave.
Just take the way and tame the way and it's OK. Oh yeah...


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