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Week 16 & 17 - Civilization Void

We flew up to Kangos during week 16, Tuesday. I stayed up late on Monday plowing through assignments I'd need to hand in in advance. Usually I find myself pushing them papers ahead of me until it's suddenly Sunday and I stay up all night fixing them (at least that's been the routine lately) but this time I was forced to differ. Start of good habits, maybe. The flight didn't take long, we met up with a couple of friends, hitched a ride to Grandma's place, and there spent the remaining week.

The snow was still thick on the ground up North. Half the week it rained, and the other half the sun reigned. I sat on the upper balcony and soaked it in occasionally, surprised that it can be so warm even though the landscapes remind of winter. Apart from greedily soaking in sunshine, I shoveled snow, kept the furnace burning and read three books. I know I jotted down the titles somewhere, but all the info you'll get for now is: they were good.

Vacation was good too, the little that was left to savor after extreme bouts of physical labor, probably better than it would've been if it would've been constant and not a limited luxury. It's like eating a meal after a long walk: it always tastes better! On Tuesday last week we flew back to Bro. I spent the rest of the week catching up on studies/work/NG/anime, playing Doom, recording gameplay footage from Doom, thinking I should post my weekly post and now I am, far in on week 18, making it seem like the vacation was like a dream, longer than it was, just like Oz with the moss falling off. Last week.


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