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Week 16 - Bad Mint On Again!


I've been to a badminton tournament this weekend, just like last year. My nephew played again, and didn't win again, but we had a good time... I think (he just didn't seem very happy about not winning).

Everything about the tournament trip was reminiscent of last year, from the weather to the ducks that crawled 'way by the tall quay. We got better pictures this year, even though he had a few fewer matches so there wasn't as much stalling between them. Maybe the ducks were tamer. My battery ran out but it was OK! I had a spare.

We ate a quick lunch in the car underneath a momentary squall and rainfall, and spent most of the rest of the weekend playing games and celebrating his visit (and 16th birthday) with cake and fish and many great a dish. Good times! As coincidence would have it, two of three of my most good buddies shared a birthday this Sunday as well!

Unlike last year we have no surprise guest who needs a bed while his bathroom gets fixed, but it's been a busy stretch of days nevertheless. Today (which was yesterday) is calmer, and I'm resting up after the perils of his stay. Getting up at 6 to get to that tournament on time had me red-eyed a couple of days. I usually fight to get up at 9.

What else? Not much worth a mention I think. I cut my hair after... almost half a year (a sure sign summer's coming), took a shopping trip on Wednesday, but barely bought a thing. (There were no decent things to buy.)

As for the auctions that plagued my psyche last week: they're over. I overcame the urge, and am happy to conclude that most of the things I bought were useful things. All the ones I mentioned last week arrived yesterday, and I'll be picking up the final package (300 table tennis balls) tomorrow. That's all! The laptop´s running well, and currently running through 238 upgrades after a forceful downgrade from Windows 10 to 7, but more on that in some other post.

Aaand that's about it. All else has been work and time spent (I hope) wisely. I posted just 3 reviews this week, and was plotting to post another 3 but now it's Tuesday night already so I'd better get this weekly thing out the way first. It's been a good albeit too quickly passed stretch of days! Now onto the next one.


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