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Week 16 - Bad Mint On!


So in other news I've been to a badminton tournament this weekend, early morning and all day, my nephew Rasmus played four games and we stalled between matches by a tall quay where little ducks quacked and crawled cray. Was pretty fun, even though he didn't win that much... very little... hrrm, not at all. He stayed the weekend on a rare visit that ended with a quick birthday party and cake before a break for the train late, and a few hours later a surprise guest showed up to sleep over a few days while his bathroom gets fixed. Busiest weekend in a long time.

The week otherwise has been pretty routine, with a little freelance potential-commission work addition, getting-last-minute game development, hexalist update one day past midnight and no game addiction this time round, just a little roundabout with sound and some stray omissions.

Weather's been fluctuating between warm and cold, sun and cloud, but at the time of writing it feels like summer's finally on the rise, with temperatures on a steady climb as the sunrises line the pine line beside our fine grand row of tiled sand. Week's been good.

On the blog I posted some music, tech stuff, words, and 3 movie reviews. Here's last week.


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