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Week 17, 2017

Sitting in Uppsala on a bench,
The bleachers are crowded and dense,
The air is clouded with some kind of stench,
I view my surroundings they're familiar but kinda strange,
I've been at these games for three years but this is the last one in - it's time for change!
My nephew's done with playing games!
He's moving on to... whatever's in taken range!
Third year in and the winnings here have been thin
But this one finishing inning this evening I hope he wins!

Come on! I'm not much for cheering so I write songs,
And there'll be plenty time for that cause the day is long!
The end's not near to nearing but I'm up in here and here in the atmosphere is up but
Outside the clouds aren't clearing
Getting there! Up in the world like atmosphere - energy like an atom sphere!
A seer! Climbing something amazing like spider peers you know I'm far-fetched not like the Pokemon but like I'm in the rear
I'm the shit! Head clouded but never out of ideas
I'm there all year like my name's Bear
What's up? Shout out beware but he doesn't like rap so he'll never hear
All clear. The squall blew over - cloud out of tears,
It wasn't that tragic it had it had to happen it happened man,
It's not like it was a war like I was in Pakistan,
I keep wishing for a faster life but if I had it I bet I wouldn't miss the action man,
And I'm blessed so far I haven't been in many accidents,
We're in our van. Parked cars glitter like collage Cologne,
And a hazy sunshine awaits on our highway home,
Like in the sandwiches we donned: lettuce go.

And no, third years the charm the folk tell but in this slow hell this yolk's still far from total... control. Not hard boiled yet but cold. So close. I mean he didn't get the gold but was on his toes like Goliath or the Pope. Woes. Someday though; some other Sunday when his ways go pro he'll surface like a Wacom and maybe grace the banderols with his taken oath! That day, that show!

It's been a busy busy weekend with rad badminton that didn't go that bad and damn I need to sleep in some but understand it's all been dope now it's Week 17 and I'm weaving through new doings like I'm far from done and I'm not but who let you in that door? It's time to get a move on and do some mo'.


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