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Week 17 - At 23:19, Monday

A day late again! Always a day late! And at the end of a late day too! Damn! On that topic: I was just made aware Jean-Claude Van Damme played a role in the ancient Street Fighter movie. It's supposedly incredibly cheesy. Added to my watchlist.

I've been doing some work on the site this week, mostly with comments. Ever since I ported the comments from the old blog engine to this one back in 2006, there have been a bunch of old comments with a bunch of emoticon codes in them, and no emoticons, since I decided not to use emoticons on this blog. I replaced some with text-based counterparts, but some weren't so easy to replace. I mean, what's the textual interpretation of or ?

So, I┬┤ve finally turned those old codes into working emoticons using this set of smileys I made back in the day, and added a row of them above the comment area too for easy access. There's more, but I tried to keep it to just a small selection of the most usable types:

New Old Smileys!

Had some trouble with the smileys of one specific plugin overriding the default smileys, which were supposed to be overridden by the custom set I'd uploaded, but after some grueling frustration and messing around it's all sorted!

Well, almost. The emoticon row is supposed to appear above the comment box. Like this.

You'd think it'd be a simple thing to fix, but the default WP comment form is built into a single tag, and to customize it you have to break it apart completely, which might break a few other plugins I use. Maybe later.

As for the emoticon codes: they're all actual codes, so regular text-based emoticons won't be affected. Old comments posted after the older comments are left unaltered.

Also: fixed kickstarter video embeds that for some mysterious reason had stopped working. The video link is now embedded directly, instead of the iframe. I hope they don't block access to that later on! I fixed up the last remaining old movie review shortcodes too, and I'm going through comments right now. For some stupid reason I felt compelled to skim through them all. Just a few hundred left, now...

Apart from site work there's been normal work, and after that day of resting up after my nephew's badminton tournament last weekend, I took a trip to the History Museum in Stockholm, and spent some time ogling at heaps of old gold and playing a floor-based 'Nine Men's Morris' game with a buddy.

It's been a good week! Feels like summer is on the way too. The weather wasn't great at first, but it's getting so good I'm starting to wake up way too early in raging sunlight that warms the room to sauna-like levels. Time's drawing nigh to swap the blanket for something thinner, like: nothing. But the nights are still cold.

It's that kind of weather where you can't go out without a jacket in the morning, but in the afternoon you wish you were wearing shorts. No balance. Not that I'm complaining. It's warm and sweaty and tiresome, but all is awesome anyway. Yay.

On the blog I've posted some random stuff, other stuff, and 6 movie reviews, and that's all for now! Until later.


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  1. S3C
    Friday May/6/2016

    Am I the top commenter

  2. S3C
    Friday May/6/2016

    woah :wtf:

  3. S3C
    Friday May/6/2016

    I got a secret one

  4. Cyber
    Friday May/6/2016

    yeah :D Haven't added in codes for more than the ones that were used in the old blog (which weren't my own), but there is a in my own emoticon pack hmm, might be expanding a bit upon the current coded selection soon... any requests? :P

  5. Cyber
    Friday May/6/2016

    And yeah, you might be in the lead there! :) Haven't seen Doomroar in a while now. @Doomroar where are you?! :O

  6. S3C
    Sunday Jan/8/2023

    did you just change the standard emoticon row??

  7. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/8/2023

    You know it! And you noticed the new ones no less! I'll put up a quick post about it later... there's a lot more than what you see here, but figured I'd keep the visible ones still streamlined down to just an essential sixteen anyway.

    Might spiff things up occasionally and swap out one or two of these in the future, or try making some new ones again, the old roster's really pretty big...

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