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Week 18 - What Is Busy!

Another week passed by fast! I've posted a ton of stuff on the blog and then some more, 6 reviews, and here's last week.

I've kept going with my stream of site improvements, and wish I could say I've finally gone through all comments, but going through the older ones I discovered some messed up posting orders on old posts that I still need to fix. Also some missing comments, I think (some responses don't make sense), but since the old engine is since long dead and gone there's not much I can do about those. Which is a bit annoying.

Also wish I had ported over all the comments on the 'Let's Count To A Million' post from back in the day... it probably seemed like a gargantuan task back then, but it was just the one post, and it would've added a bunch to the comment count. Oh well, I've at least gone through all comments since the site was moved from CuteNews to WordPress, and fixed a few bugs/other things while I was at it.

Stuff like:

  • Anime posts are back on the frontpage again.
  • Comment numbering is fixed, again.
  • I've started moving old posts from 'blog' to relevant subcategories, though there's still plenty to move (looks like the stats page only counts posts in the main 'blog' category - where there aren't supposed to be any posts, they're all supposed to be sorted within the subcategories. I'll fix that later).
  • Sorted and fixed a bunch of old tags, shortcodes, classes etc.
  • Other stuff? I don't recall it all.

On a random note, Fuck This Jam hasn't changed in 2 years! It still looks the same as when I posted about it back in 2014. And speaking of 2014, that was definitely the best year for comments on this blog. Most of the 'most commented posts' seem to be from that year. And btw, what's up with female actresses calling themselves actors? Isn't actress the feminine alternation for actor?

In more lifely news, I've been hard at work trying to get a tan before summer kicks in for real, walking a bit more than usual, and even jogging a couple of days. The first run was hellish, but the second time I felt like I was in better shape already! Also took a tour of the city this Friday, after work, before meeting up with a buddy come back from vacation.

I walked by the water for almost two hours straight to fill a gap of time, after my plans at waiting Kung Fu Panda 3 at the movies were foiled because, apparently, you have to buy or book a movie ticket 45 minutes before the movie starts!! Whats up with that?! I then tried getting an ice cream at Burger King, but their ice cream machine was broken, and I didn't eat anything later on either because out of the blue a sea gull pissed on my hand. What the hell, gull?! And there was no place to wash hand. It was a good walk though. Sunshine and stuff.

Well, that was Friday, and otherwise I've been working - at work and with site work, and the week just passed by in a Flash. Pico Day was this Saturday, and though I did have something planned I didn't really have the energy to post it on that particular day. Time flies, like a shitty seagull. Until next week.


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