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Week 19 - Death & Sunshine

Another week bites the duster, and I am a couple of days late with my summary. Again. Busy? Yeah.

The week was a good one at first: sunny scenes as never seen before, the sun gleaming behind gray clouds, making way for greater days, and then came Saturday morning and a weekend of rain and cold. A good buddy called. His grandma had just died. After a long battle her body finally gave up, failed to take in further nutrients, and thus: RIP Inga. We took a walk, pondering life and death and the lack of sunshine. A somber squander.

It might seem stationary above, but I say that RIP with the deepest regard. I've visited quite a few times, so she was pretty close. Always sad when people you know go, and cancer seems like an all too common cause nowadays. Is it the food? The radiation? The toxic fumes in our atomic sphere? Maybe the whole trilogy? Living here on Earth's becoming a dangerous practice.

It's not been all bleak news and dark days though: I was at an e-commerce fair this Thursday, on behalf of my job: chatting, eating popcorn, and hopefully collecting a satisfactory chunk of information that could potentially benefit the company while I was there. Kind of nervous about that (I didn't need to be). I didn't stay long, since there weren't that many businesses relevant to ours, but I think I got the essentials down (yes I did). It was a short but good trip. That's all.

Compared to the regular week this one was irregularly much work. With that I mean work away from home: at the office at which I work part-time with web-shops and stuff. Four days in a row... which I know seems like little compared to the full-time jobs most people have, but I live a life on the side that takes up an equal - if not bigger - chunk of time, and usually spend my time with homework whenever I'm not at work, so thus it's been a busy stretch of days. Not sure I've managed to post any of my poems for the week, but I did manage a bunch of contemplative posts and stuff, and 6 more reviews. Here's last week.

And hey, did you notice the page count just jumped to 600? It's cause the anime archives are now all nice and integrated. There's not so much recent writing about anime on the blog, for self-explanatory reasons (I mean I don't watch that much now, and when I do I don't review each individual episode), but if you flip a few hundred pages back there's bound to be some excessive streams of episode imagery in between these regular posts... hope it doesn't interfere with the regular-reading experience. Though whoever browses all the way back to page 401 anyway?

Well, that's it for the week, and we are well and well into this one. Yell, if you feel like shouting! Cause life isn't well-spent: unless you vent. Ciao for the belated post of the week; until next one.


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