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Week 2 - Back & Work

It's been another hectic week! I just returned from a trip to Djursholm, where we visited some relatives, ate pizza, home-made ice-cream (in three flavors); had a good time. The pinnacle of yesterday was a good walk with a buddy, and most of the week days have been occupied with work, and other projects, a few of them already past deadline.

I feel my priorities are slipping. I'm not procrastinating, but I'm picking up more things than I can finish (in time). I started the New Year with a boost of ambition, but not time enough to fulfill. Life is good though, rolling at a steady pace, providing both the arduous necessity for feelings of accomplishment, and plenty of efficient entertainment! I can't beat HarryJarry's pace of 1 movie/day, but this past week it's been at least one every other. Hope to get back to posting reviews soon, though for now, I'll be just a Watcher.

I came back from a cool holiday in Ă–stersund on Monday, which the post of last week details. Here's the lot of this week's posts. The blog's off to a slow start, but hopefully it'll pick up soon. Until then; next stretch of days! I'm off to project.


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