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Week 2 - Speak Truth

First real week (as in: not split between both years) just flashed by!

I've made some Flash, I've played some Flash games, I one day made the grueling discovery that my Flash saves are apparently purged every once in a while, I then made the startling discovery that you can specify how much space Flash is allowed to allocate for its saves on a per-site basis (here's the official tool), but then I made the disappointing discovery that it doesn't seem to matter how much space I allocate on either overall or per-site basis: the saves still disappear mysteriously at seemingly random intervals.

So I installed Synctoy, set up my first ever scheduled task in Windows (a really nifty little feature most people probably aren't aware of - check your control panel for more info) and am now having my Flash saves backed up on a daily basis. Of course, they may still get purged right before the backup's made, right after I've spent pain-stalking time plowing through some new highly addicting Flash RPG, but at least now I have backups, and no longer need to copy the folder manually on random occasions.

The one downside to Windows built-in scheduler is that you can't have tasks run on a more frequent basis than daily - at a specified time. I'd rather have this specific task run a few times each day, just to be on the safe side, but to do that I'd need a different program.

Apart from Flash Saves, I've also had some trouble with a recent FileZilla update which for some reason messed up my connection settings. I've spent this morning toggling options and through trial and error finally figuring out that if I connect to a very specific port, use SFTP instead of regular FTP via TLS and have a passive connection limited to 2 concurrent uploads/downloads at any one time - it works!

Setting minor computer issues aside, and what appears to be Pericoronitis (Infection Near Wisdom Tooth), the week's been well. Winter started again, and the last three days (today included... though that's the week after this week's post) it's been snowing for three days straight. I've just been out shoveling snow, shoveled snow this morning, shoveled a little snow yesterday, shoveled so much snow the day before that I wondered if I'd be able to even raise my arms the day after. It's OK, I can raise my arms just fine! Don't mind the gruelingly sore muscles that tell me it's snowed waaay too little this winter, until now. But tomorrow, on my first work day of the year, I hear it's all about to melt away again and make way for a particularly difficult first bike ride to and from that place to which I bike (work).

I've written, I've played Pokemon Rangers, I've read comics, I spent a day with a buddy, I spent a day wondering how my calender had mysteriously vanished (by some mischievous miracle it'd wedged itself behind my computer desk, far from the place it usually hangs around) and yesterday I recorded /mp3/1/Week-2-2015.mp3">this little thing which I was planning to make something more important out of, but that was before I stumbled upon a couple of One Piece clips on YouTube and in sudden One Piece frency watched through 12 episodes straight in the Impel Down Breakout arc. There's room for self-betterment yet, and a few more episodes of that today...

On the blog I've posted 6 movie reviews, a plug, a bad review (fuck Hosting Cove's horrible support), music, and here's last week. And I'm just about to post my resolutions...


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Jan/14/2015

    what!? why don't you just remove your wisdom teeth
    I had mine for years, then one got a cavity, my dentist recommended removing them since problems were likely to (re)occur down the line. They didn't really serve any other purposes so I just went through and got them pulled. I was awake the entire time, got about 20 shots!! It was a fun experience though, because I was on nitrous oxide (hella cheaper than anesthetics) and fortunately the pain after was bearable, I only needed one dose of pain meds, and I was fully recovered within a week.

    Nice rap, probably your best one yet! From the wise words, to the energetic active flow, and interesting swinged rhythm lyrics in part! Some of the ad-libs/backing bits in the middle sound a little forced and muddy in the middle section, but overall a great rhyme, deserving of a backing beat!

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Jan/14/2015

    Mmm, dentists say that! First dentist I went to (on my much-overdue Dental check-up 2012) wanted to remove them all (this the same dentist that found 11 cavities that didn't exist), second one told me that was totally unnecessary (this the one who found a cavity the previous one hadn't even found, disregarding the 11 non-existent ones), I went to a third for a secondary opinion and they recommended I keep them too, mentioned twisted roots would prove for problematic extraction anyway. A friend of mine pulled out all four wisdom teeth just in case they'd be trouble, another never did and has had no trouble at all. And if you believe in studies, only 12% of wisdom teeth ever do:

    This one wisdom tooth I have that still has this particularly annoying skin flap covering part of it might become trouble, been mistreating it a long time apparently, thinking the flap was just at the edge of the tooth when it actually went over a hidden third of it and has had plenty of opportunity to gather up edible remnants and such stuff, doesn't look too good... but my other three are fine. I'd rather not remove a tooth unless I have to. Plus dental phobia. I'm brushing my teeth with unprecedented intent right now, hopefully brutally enough to in time get rid of that flap, and eating Oregano capsules to help with the infection, hopefully it'll clear out soon!

    Yeah I remember we talked about this earlier. :) I've heard horror stories though, if I do ever get a tooth pulled out I'd consider going abroad to do it, Swedish dentistry's waaaaay behind.

    Thanks man, though it's probably far from the best one! ;) I messed up the two fill-in ad-libs mid-part and hastily replaced a part where I fumbled on a phrase with another ad-lib, thus the muddiness, but didn't want to spend too much time on this one. Some other much worthier lyrical material for backing should be on route. ;)

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