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Week 22, 2015

I woke up 9:09 checked my vital signs
Yesterday my buddy said I need to try some wine
So when I dined, guess what I tried?
Well not wine, it's just not something that I like
I want Coca Cola, or any kind of soda
Like a Rock n Roller live young and never grow older
Is that what Pops has told ya?
Well guess what bright... your pops was right!
But despite all this nice advice I get
I live in denial sometimes like yesternight with a bite of chips
And fried eggs, then I fell in bed like a brick
And woke up with a fight to fit!
Close my eyelids it's been too long ago
Since I took a break from being on the roam
On the online, home and on my home
I'm on a roll I just scream Geronimo and go
I took a walk just recently, felt I still have some meat in me
I have the decency to flee my dream supreme, a while
But I wonder if this dream's for me
I could spend all day by the box and more
I could spend my life, I could spend all yours
And I'd never grow bored, I'd just grow sick
My body's a bit battered what if my battery's quit
Wellll I'm getting ready, for the summer to come!
I'll be simmering soon, in the shimmering sun
Contemplating my fate, for a month or two
And then I'll get back to you
What am I gonna do
With my life

Just thinking a few, things
Thoughts, Week 22, brings


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