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Week 23 - Fly Week, Week Fly!

My Creative Writing course is done. It's complete. I am free! I hope. Still waiting on some feedback from the teacher.

I guess now's the time to... keep writing! To further embark down this long road of authoring that I was set on embarking on when I started with this course. Now that it's all outplayed and I'm just waiting on my grade, I'm leaning towards slaving with videogames and being entertained rather than paving the way, but this is a moment better than any to add some discipline to my self-proclaimed and currently not-really-highly-efficient life-style. It's so much easier with deadlines!

I took a day off from work, one of the two days I did (well, would have) work this week, to attend a cousins graduation on Jun 5th. It was a blast! I've posted a couple of musicalish posts, donated a humble amount to that yearly Wikipedia drive, contemplated type, plugged SuperHOT and finally posted that speedtest screencap I probably took like two months ago here. Have you ever wondered how much stuff is queued to be posted? Well I wonder about it too much, cause it's too much, and there's so much that probably won't ever make it - already outdated after being belated for so long. Oh, movie reviews? I eight.

Fun fact: both my collection of exercises and first four written chapters for that course I just completed measured 13,000 words long. 13k. That's a lot of words! For comparison, this blog post is less than 300. I own this site thus I have bragging writes.

The week otherwise has been normal; informal. I've played some RE4, watched a few movies, walked, worked, shopped, partied hardly and chuckled as I knuckled this hardy Yardie in the K-Mart parking. Well not really, I haven't rhymed in some time and I'd like to get started. It's an art form, where you heat your mind and start warm, soar like a hardcore far-born forlorn star's warm light with more Parkour than a dart bike. Here's last weeks plights in farsight.


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