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Week 24 - For The Week-Minded

Sorry about the short delay with this post, especially when my studies are all done and I should have had plenty of time for posting, but I felt like shit yesterday. That's what happens when you forget to sleep, forget to take long refreshing walks and forget to eat healthy stuff amidst the intense Parasite Eve 2 gaming sessions, hexalist updates, pedantic site work and movie marathons. You into a wall, fall, then wake up and feel wondrous tomorrow after that small withdrawal! :D The pains of yesterday are all part of the past! It's a new week and I feel... great! Radiant like sunshine!

During this past seven day period I'm writing about here I've posted 8 movie reviews (and about to post a few more), about small stuff I easily get obsessed with and how this site just hit 4000 posts! Awesome.

Also just gotta post this thing one more time, for the week-minded...

A couple of days ago, the thunder crackled and I spilled a Pepsi all over my computer desk! God damn! Probably spent ten minutes wiping it up, cleaning the wall, the cables behind the computer, the mouse and pad... good thing it didn't get onto the keyboard though, like last time. Another side-effect of tiresome days.

This Saturday, I almost stepped on a snake - a shivering sliver of slithering slow worm - a beautiful little critter that quickly disappeared into the brush once I'd paused to spectate. The Swedish name for it is much nicer though, here it's called kopparorm, or directly translated: copper snake.

What else? There was a Friday 13 this week, but I completely missed the opportunity to blog about it, knee-deep in Parasite Eve 2 as I was. It's a game I just in passing commented about somewhere and on impulse decided to play through once again! It's an old game now, but the graphics still hold, especially when they're emulated via PC and rendered with all the new enriching video plugin options the new eSPXe emulator has (though it is one of a select few games I'd love to see remastered as well)!

I do own the game, but I'd rather play via computer, with all it's graphical finesse and customizable control rather than on that old console. It took a while to fine-tune the controls via keyboard to a combination I was comfortable with, and to get the video plugin working properly (and select one that worked, first), but once that was all done it was one of the more enjoyable gaming sessions I've had in a long time. Didn't take too long (just two nights and one day) and it was a kick of nostalgia too. The previous times I've played this game I actually never completed it, I reached the final boss and gave up, probably because it's a long fight and you can't save between the different stages. I started the game from scratch a few times trying to get a better set of items and abilities for the final fight, playing through the introductory level so much I'd near memorized the safe code, but I remember the latter part as much more difficult than it was this time around. I guess my gaming skills have evolved since then! With that in mind, the game was more fun than I remembered it, and I'm tempted to run though it a few more times, with the modes that are unlocked upon the initial play through. I shall resist that temptation though and instead just post a batch of savefiles and screenshots within the coming week, that yall can use to preview or jump through the levels at will... if you have the game; wish to play it... that is.

I've had one day of work this week, two days at the store, chores but never bores, hoards of parasitic Orcs, movies I sat and saw and site work that made me blog. I've had the computer on for two days straight and finally completed my yearly backup of all my sites. If you're wondering btw, database backups are much more frequent... and automatic. And I usually sync files between computer and server, though at times I forget; some files are generated post-upload. Anyway, no need to delve into server workings here, it's done and that's all groovy. Now all that still remains is to some day sort through all those old and outdated files. Here's last week.


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