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Week 26, 2017

Man it's been crazy, sometimes I wish this life would just erase me!
But I'm just saying that I'm not thinking it lately,
Life has been good, even though it's getting hasty,
Summer days are coming and my brain is getting hazy,
Eating too much ice cream, way too many pastries,
So much on my plate now closing in on vacation,
Fridge is slowly growing empty and I'm out racing,
In the real world now, no longer on PlayStation,
Everyday's a highway, I'm getting by on rations,
I'll do it all my way, I'm not paperchasing,
I'm not late or wasting, I've been straight up great in,
Hauling my weight so much you could say I was a freight train.
Passing by the stations on the way to work...
Wonder who will get there first, me or the train?
I'm insane, but fed on visions, so much in my brain!
Really shouldn't complain I'm doing good in my lane!
I wish I could go... anywhere I wanted: run!
Always trying to get things done but I'm overcome
My bay's full of battleships, but they haven't won!
I think I need to sink some,listen here my minions:

Chase your dreams and do what you gotta!
You can get through anything! What's stopping you? Nada
Wear rags or Prada, get air bags or classics,
Go airwave or static, eat clear grain or rabbits,
Go bear raving rabid or peaceful and harmonic,
Be angelic or demonic, one with nature or bionic!
Nothing's impossible at least not while we're on this
Earth, and it's the place of my birth! I love my home,
Even with this gray air and lungs full of gloam I have hope,
That we won't turn the whole world to stone, that we...
Can grow and hone these old streets. It's another week,

Here I go.


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