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Week 26 & 27 - Kangos & Back

So, July 4th was Independance Day!

I know because most of my email since my last public library visit was in tribute to this great occasion. It's been a flood of promotional campaigns and rebates like no other. What better way to celebrate a memorable moment than with a flood of commercial incentives? Hrrm... I would've at least made good use of GOGs 85% downpricing if I'd been here on the day it happened, but alas, I was not! Not on the previous one either. Maybe I will on the next one, whenever that is. If anyone (you?) bought a shitload of classy classics to gift one of those days, that yourealize you have no use for, and you feel like selling them to me for the (original, 85%) rebated prices, plus potential gratification in the form of small monetary additions... my contact form is open (also I'd be happy). ;)

Anyway, I spent week 26 in Kangos, and a few days extra. The plan was to celebrate my Grandma's 92nd birthday on the 4th (Independence Day! Hey!) and leave the next day, but she suffered a myocardial infarction (something like a heart attack, her 6th) on the 25th and was rushed to Gällivare Hospital, where she still resides until she's recovered enough to return home; where we ventured on the 4th (Independence Day! Hey!) with home-baked cake and a thermos full of strong coffee. We ate on paper plates, with metal spoons, and drank from plastic cups. I brought a card and a flashlight (present), all the other presents were left in her house to await her return. It wasn't the celebration anyone expected, but at least she's still alive. Hurrah! Hope we can celebrate her 93rd birthday at home.

Mom's sister flew in from England, one of her daughters + husband came by train; we left for our summerplace the same day, where the weather had been rainy and all the plants in the Greenhouse thus fortunaltely still alive. The weather was rainy in Kangos too, btw, and the mosquitoes were crazy (and in abundance), but that didn't stop us from... sitting indoors a lot! I had a few days of fun with a cousin who came by, finished building a ceiling, patched a leaking roof, mowed some lawns, ate too much good food aand... now I'm back at the place I was before I left.

The weather overall has been unsteary, sunshine and sporadic bursts of rain. IOW, summer! :D The lake's heating up at least, and the water levels are higher than they were when I arrived here. Usually they slowly sink all summer, but this year it's... different. Since Kangos I've spent one day with a headache, one day weeding our Strawberry patch... and that's about all the noteworthy tasks that have passed since I got back. Trip to Ă–verkalix today, trip to Kalix tomorrow, trippy day the day after that. :)

I'll see you in... time. Last week.


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