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Week 26 - Last Week

Last since I'm writing this on a Monday, and since I'm leaving tomorrow and might not post in a while. Leaving where? North! Up and away to the uncivilized wilds of until-just-about-a-hundred-years-ago uncolonized Norrbotten. I'll be spending a full two months there. Swimming in the waves. Sizzling in the sun. Shoveling dirt and swiping white paint on wooden walls. Doing all. It'll be a ball.

Last week was so hectic I didn't get around to posting the weekly post yesterday... though that's becoming a bad habit. I spent Saturday and the adjacent nights chasing lights (and days with blazing sights) with buddy Bear in Norrtälje, had my last day of work on Friday, my last day at my other work on Thursday, and before that... well, work. I thought I'd manage to clean up and pack as well along those long days, but time passed and as such all such tasks are left for this last-minute (and fortunately work-free) Monday.

Apart from posting a bit on the blog, my schedule for today is packed with packing bags and stacking rags and this and that. Sucking up droves of dust like bus-fed streets. Sending unsent receipts. Scraping the fridge for leftover meals to eat. Washing clothes from grease and watering plants with a sneeze to packing my bags and prepping everything for my leave tomorrow eve.

I'm not actually leaving until tomorrow afternoon, but I realized yesterday night that it's pretty hard to fall asleep knowing that you're leaving things undone when you don't know how much of said tasks you'll manage to do the next day. Better get as much as possible out of the way now, and if time is left I can review a few more movies. :) Or do some of those other things that I'd planned to do, but in these rushed times just didn't manage. Alas, there's always something left.

It's been a good stretch of days though; mostly good stress. I spent half of Monday waiting on a consignment and almost missed my working hours. On Tuesday a good buddy came around with a batch of strawberries and cream. Surefire sign of summer! I've been eating watermelon... and whatever else there is, scraps make for a wealth of dishes, but soon I'll be sizzling up North in the summer bliss with grounds rich on bits to pick for picnics. What is this? My last post for the week until my trip lifts. Until September's given: be right back. Instead of blogging - I'll be living.

This last week I posted another 12 movie reviews (though technically half of them are this week), 2 anime reviews, this and all that other stuff. and here's last week. I'll see you all whenever I see you; when public library visits allow! Hope you have an amazing summer.


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