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Week 27, 2017

Wherever you go! I know that I'll be there... because I really care, because I really care.
The world keeps moving slow, we're not getting anywhere... but I'll get where I want to, as true as my name's Bear.
But hey man that's not me. That's just my buddy. Me my name is Bob, and I feel like I'm not, really, changing, anything...

But it's OK the sun is blazing! Outside the rain drips down from clouds and hits the pavement,
I've been busy today and now I'm late in, and prepping: preparing that means, for my vacation.
It's the day after tomorrow early morning, I barely have time for packing much less reforming,
Always so much I want to do but never time I'm always morphing from better to prime,
I've been to bed late every night, man it's never at nine! That early morning's bound to he pest and pina,
And I haven't even backed my stuff up from crying out, I hope I'll get it tonight before the time's out
And lights out, and the fridge ice has melted, and I can't figure out where my belt is,
And I've barely started packing my bags but I have stuff all around this bag I'll pack it in that.
I've rationed my food and soon it's OVER. I'm doing alright I'll... make the most of
This one final night and then Monday day, after that it's up up and away to...

The North! Wherever it may go, I know I'll keep on going there because it is my home...
I live a lonely life, unknown the roads I roam, but if the birds are singing I don't really need my phone...
I'm going on my own. I'll get up till I'm grown. I set up and atone. I break bread and write poems. I swim and run and hone, until I own my soul, and learn my self-control, and lose a couple kilos, and maybe I'll grow old but...

All that glitters isn't gold! Except the morning sun... and it has me it's hold, the morning each and every one.
And I won't go to bed! Until the day is done, until I've done my bidding, until I've overcome,
The hurdles that I set, the burdens that I get, I turned the tide and wept, no longer taking in, but where do I begin, it's always sink or swim, but I can swim and in Kathmandu a cat man can do anything....

And that doesn't make sense! But I'm jumping a fence, and take that as I mean it, I'll be going again,
So this is where it starts, and this is where it ends, and I just want to tell you, both strangers and friends:
I hope you have the best, wonderful summer, and then a wonder, down under, the snow like... a rat.
My ending's man. They're like I never end so you'd better play this back.

The world is nice and fat! What is up with that. It needs to shed a human. But I'll be back alright.
I mean alright I'll be back. This rhyme is getting whack. To this summer spend a few weeks I lend.
Autumn, I'll see you then, friends. And write a bunch of these verses while I'm at it, up in my room I call an attic,
I'm fed on tunes fully automatic I'll resume my dues and shoot through never static! Too cool like a stupid fool chewing cabbage! This summer will be rad it's: time.


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