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Week 28 - Back

So I rode into Ă–verkalix today on a squeaky bike, rainfall a heavy burden upon my fortunately coated shoulders. I made it, changed to dry apparel in a phone booth, and now I'm seated by a powered-up public graphical-interface apparatus with a link to the WWW, typing in my cryptic message of the week.

My birthday (the 10th) was a blast. After a celebratory morning with the obligatory and much appreciated opening of (a few) presents and cards, we ventured by car to a village not far away (due to a surprising lack of berries, for the cake, in the freezer: there were none), where I bargained a blazer and two axes, found a newly opened health café beside the local store (formerly the only store), stopped by a couple of sights we usually just drive past, as the tourists we aren't really, and spent the rest of the day mostly outside, in sun and summer.

The weather otherwise has been as unstable as wireless broadband in a remote village, but the potatoes (among the other plentiful of planted plants) are loving it. My grandma made it back home from the hospital toward the end of the week, but shortly suffered another (not-so-serious) heart attack and is now back at the hospital again. Apparently she might be getting pneumonia too, so the future is momentarily bleak, but considering it's her 7th heart attack we hope she'll stay strong and make it through this troublesome tide. In other news... nah, that's about it, it's been friends and buddies and zen and ... signing up late for studies. My time is running out now, so I will bid theee farewell for the moment, and until next blogpost. Have a great day! Last weeks.


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