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Week 3 - Downtime

I'm typing this on my cellphone.

It's a slow and painstaking process riddled with typos, even on a smartphone, even with the screen tilted sideways for extra typability, but alas my cellphone is currently the only device at home with Internet access, and home is where I normally access the net. Feels strange not having the world at my fingertips... but at least I still have it at my thumbs! Albeit with a crappy connection and not enough processing power to do any real site work or surfing.

So... why am I typing this on my cell? It's not like I volunteered for this unexpected handicap! Somehow our phone line's been severed. Not just for us, but the entire neighborhood, and since 1400 hours - Wednesday, we've been castaways from the world, living with unwantedly primitive technology... and they say wired is the old and primitive; less the new. Nothing as reliable as a wire as long as you don't accidentally chop it off with a bulldozer while tearing down an old unsanitary apartment complex on a nearby hilltop! Which we assume they did.

According to the latest Intel (before week turned to weekend and irresponsible ISPs without care for their customers took a short break) this downtime might last all the way through next week as well! I hope not, but for now I'm making the most of time offline: catching up on games and crappy TV shows... amongst other things.

More details to come soon as I connect with a keyboard! Until soon, I hope.

Update: I just fixed 6 typos, apparently invented two words I can't/won't change, and I am now in fact typing this brief message via keyboard! Though my regular Internet isn't back yet. I realized my phone can be a modem; until they do solve the issue I shall manage with restricted speed and bandwidth caps.

This week otherwise (the one this post ^ was referring to) was filled mostly with games, the first season of Parasyte Maxim, the first season of Transporter (the series - yes there's a series based on the movie), a little work, a little snow and much much aggravation. I wasted rare mounds of free time with plentiful internal ranting and entertainment that wasn't very entertaining, but I actually typed up a post on all this while offline, so more on that soon.

The MySQL database on the site was down for quite a while on Wednesday morning too, I saw it and submitted a support ticket just before my own Internet went down. So the timing could've been worse!

At the start of the week I finally posted my resolutions, 2 reviews and a special collection of music. Last week.


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  1. Doomroar
    Monday Jan/19/2015

    Oh man that sounds quite bad, which reminds me of the time you told me of the plan they had to make the whole country go wireless, but i am sure this is just a coincidence.

    So i guess you missed the birth of God.

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/20/2015

    Yeah, bit of a bummer. :/ After being spoiled with steady speed; connection the past decade or so it's a loathsome blow! To my reviewing routines, and other things, going to be soooo much to catch up to after this!!

    Oooh I guess so... must've been a long time ago? Turns out I missed my 11th NG Birthday too. :P

  3. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/20/2015

    Hmmm coincidence or conspiracy...

  4. Doomroar
    Wednesday Jan/21/2015

    Yeah there's no much you can do with a phone, unless you have awesome fingers.
    Coincidence definitively.

    I am just glad that talking about God Usopp is no longer a spoiler.

  5. Cyber
    Thursday Jan/22/2015

    And processing power. ;) Even with browsers and sites optimized for mobile viewing (which NG is not) it's infernally slow.

    I just learned about tethering though! Turns out it's a piece of cake to connect cell with PC and the former as a modem for the latter... and so much faster! Finally I can type like I'm supposed to type! :D Only limitation is the 4GB/month cap I currently have on cellphone, but still... this is awesome! Free at last! :D Edit: and it apparently disconnects at random intervals, for mysterious reasons, torrents hmm...

    lol, so it's a thing now! XD

  6. Doomroar
    Thursday Jan/22/2015

    The ram really doesn't helps, i disable all apps except for Battery doctor, and even with that the experience isn't the most rewarding.

    At least now you can connect, however i can't believe that it lasted that long specially since you are on Sweden, it must have been quite a big screw up, well try to not pass beyond the cap.

    It has always been a thing! is just that God Usopp made his official proclamation for us mortals, however he still has to deal with God Buggy.

  7. Cyber
    Thursday Jan/22/2015

    Well not just RAM, but the processor. I think most cells have a single processor on less than a Ghz. With computers it's usually at least a dual-core with around 2Ghz a piece, even on the most basic office computers. Sooo much faster! Well, whatever the technical limitations, it's definitely not the same, not even with Now Browser (the most minimal one I could find with support for Flash) and all unnecessary processes shut down. I used to run Battery doctor too btw, good app, though it does use more battery than without... assuming you toggle the necessary battery-saving options manually. :P

    Our phones are still down though, still don't have regular high-speed 8 Mbit VDSL Internet like I used to (which is comparatively low compared to the 100MB broadband standard regular apartments have built-in)... I ran a speed test on my cellphone's connection via computer, it tops out at 2,4 Mbit, and 0,3 Mbit upload. Never would've guessed it was over the MBit when I was running it through my cellphone!

    The ISP sent us a message again today saying they'd fixed the issue... but it's not fixed!! Seriously starting to lose respect for this company.

    Haha, it's a competition on a whole other level now! Wonder what'll happen when all the followers of Captain Usopp run into Captain Luffy hmmm. Anyway, things are really flaring up again in the OP world, as is the animation quality, hope it stays like this! Awesome episode.

  8. S3C
    Friday Jan/23/2015

    oh no...*sweats profusely*...oh jesus -_- holy crap this is bad...please fix your internet soon...*deep breath*...[sighs internally]

  9. Cyber
    Friday Jan/23/2015

    It's beyond my control, but hopefully the ones in control can do something about it. They supposedly fixed the issue twice since my last comment, but alas it's not fixed! Latest estimate of when it'll be solved: February 2. :(

    Thanks for the sympathies man. XD

  10. Doomroar
    Friday Jan/23/2015

    I clean all the unused apps, then i force stop BD.
    Now Browser? i will have it in mind next time i find myself cornered away from my PC, thanks for the recommendation.

    Damn man that sounds like something that would happen in the rural parts of... of my country actually February 2? that's way too far! i would have changed provider by then.

    Yeah for me is now that the arc actually starts what comes next is awesome, and tragic, and funny, and then awesome again, man this arc is so good, some people complain because there is too much happening and thus there is not much focus on Luffy and Mingo. The followers of God Usopp already know that Luffy is the captain, there is also an interesting part with Luffy and Zoro regarding Usopp's godhood, but you will have to wait.

  11. Cyber
    Friday Jan/23/2015

    Smart. :)
    Yeah, that's the second browser I tried, worked pretty well. You'll need to install Flash manually though, but there's plenty of instructions on how to do that floating around. Basically you just need to navigate to Android's download section for developer releases of Flash (usually linked in the guides), check a certain option in Settings that allows you to install unofficial packages (can be done without rooting your phone), download and install, that's all! Won't work automatically with all browsers, but Now Browser does support it. Also provides the desktop version of sites by default (which is useful for places like NG that actually give you an error message if you try viewing Flash submissions in mobile mode - even if you have it installed! And the only difference between the NG mobile/desktop version otherwise is the text size is increased in mobile, layout is all the same, with dropdowns that don't work with touchscreen so you have to type in the portal URL manually... phew) and, it doesn't reload pages if you go back a step, so you can easily load up new submissions from the portal, go back without reloading, go to a new one, etc. Speeds up the process even further.

    I tried FlashFox first (based on FIreFox source btw), which has Flash integrated with the app itself, but it's reeaaally slow in comparison. And has ads. And requires more permissions than it seems to need. So, Now Browser was a good find! I read recommendations for Dolphin too, never got to that one.

    Yeah, Sweden's turning into a real third world country lately (no offense to Colombia)! They prioritize wireless and fiber, don't seem to give two shits about the rest of us. But, on the bright side, if their services are down for over 15 days we'll get $160 bucks ($80 for Internet/Phone) worth of compensation. :/ I've pondered swapping ISP real quick, or getting an alternative connection, but at this point it just feels like an unnecessary cost, should've done it from the start. And we probably wouldn't be able to get another ISP with a wired connection anyway, all other ISPs I know of use Telia's landline network.

    Ah, looking forward to it! Though if I don't get regular Internet back before Sunday I don't think I'll be able to download the latest ep yet, wasted 1/4 of my bandwidth already on 3 episodes I'd missed... hold onto future spoilers man. :P

  12. Doomroar
    Saturday Jan/24/2015

    And installed it, it looks nice but a lot of features are only for the pro version, anyway it is a nice upgrade, it takes a while to get accustomed to the sweep left and right feature to change pages.

    Dolphin? like the Gamecube/Wii emulator? haha.

    No offense taken, it is what it is. Oh no i men changing to a wireless ISP, a week is a lot of time specially if you have to send work and stuff while at home, the compensation is nice tho.

    Man i can't believe it is already Saturday, time goes fast!

  13. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/24/2015

    Yupp, Pro version's a step up, but I'm happy it's only advertised under settings, no other ads; no bloatware. I think it only cost a dollar btw, I'd consider getting it if I really use my cellphone that much. The interface looks pretty crappy overall, gray and chunky, but it's the functionality that counts after all!

    Haha I knew the name reminded me of something! :D Wonder if the developers know...

    Mmmm, pondered that too, but I don't want to support progress I don't like. I like wires. I'd be all for fiber instead of phone, but digging cables is hella expensive! Works much better in the close-circuit cities. Yupp, at least there's that!

    That it does... especially when you're online! :D

  14. Doomroar
    Monday Jan/26/2015

    If you really use your Phone? what phone? oh the clock!

    I was against wireless too because i heard it was too unstable, but it seems they are getting better with their tech, fiber optic is indeed a sweet deal.

    Man i can't believe it is already Monday... no, NOOOO!!!

  15. Cyber
    Monday Jan/26/2015


    Mmm, but with storms and other natural disasters - and not to mentional intentional disasters, terrorist activity, hacking etc - the wireless networks/transmitters are so much more fragile. Plus they go through the air. I like knowing where the power's flowing, contained, in cables... yeah fiber optic's awesome. Do you have fiber in Colombia? In the cities?

    It's just another Manic Monday! Woa-oah, I wish it were Sunday! Woa-oah. But no... It's just another Manic Monday!

  16. S3C
    Tuesday Jan/27/2015

    No you didn' you didn't just quote one of the worst songs in history...

  17. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/27/2015

    Mmm an Eternal Flame, In A Different Light, in a Hazy Shade of Winter A Hero Takes A Fall! Watching The Sky in The Real World this is Getting Out Of Hand, but Some Dreams Come True: I'll Set You Free, Return Post.

  18. Doomroar
    Thursday Jan/29/2015

    "storms and other natural disasters – and not to mentional intentional disasters, terrorist activity, hacking etc –" all that can be applied to wired internet, they all go and connect to the same tower and the same ISP building and then go wireless to connect to their respective satellites...
    Well that is just a personal preference, like enjoying green over blue.
    We have, but is fucking expensive, only certain rich modafakas and companies have it, and for all that is worth it is not really at Google's level.

    I am so glad i don't get the reference because it seems that it is a really shitty song XD.

  19. Cyber
    Friday Jan/30/2015

    Wired transmission is much harder to intercept isn't it? You have to actually connect to the wire, physically, whereas wireless transfer can be spied on with no contact. And they're all over the place. Bad security. Also, consider this potential scenario: terrorists detonate an EMP device in a city. All masts in the nearby vicinity go down immediately, along with all devices that rely on those masts (such as cellphones). Phonelines would still work assuming the power grid/station they connect to is outside range, as would the traditional machines (phones). The lines would take no damage. As for computers, if they're not turned on at the time of the EMP being detonated you should still be able to connect, right? All this assuming I know what I'm talking about here, I think; hope so. Wireless networks rely on so many different receivers/transmitters to work, all susceptible to damage, wheras a line's a line. They're flexible. They can't be broken by bending. They're more tolerant to atmospheric conditions such as cold and moisture, assuming the insulation's whole, atmospheric disturbance such as rain or snow won't interfere with the signal - generally I believe wires are just much more reliable. Plus they're wires - they're insulated/isolated/safe - which IMHO is another definite plus.

    Potential radiation concerns play into my preference there.

    Ah, unfair! How's the fiber coverage? Do those rich modafakas have to pay for cables or just the connection?

    Haha, the eighties FTW! Or maybe it was the nineties hmm, anyway: The Bangles. My sister listened to them a lot back then.

  20. Doomroar
    Sunday Feb/1/2015

    Look man like i said on my previous comment "they all go and connect to the same tower and the same ISP building and then go wireless to connect to their respective satellites…" if someone really feels like shooting down the internet on a terrorist attack they go and fuck the ISP directly.
    It requires of a mighty storm to put down a wireless connection, and if it happens chances are there will be also an energy outage.

    Radiation? you have a phone right? there goes that argument.

    The connection and the cables, but the main infrastructure is of the state (poles and all that).

  21. Cyber
    Sunday Feb/1/2015

    Hmm, they go via satellite across continents? I'd always thought the wires went via the ocean floor. At least locally, phonelines have a much wider grid, and aren't connected to one specific ISP building. Hope things aren't getting any more centralized. Centralized = susceptible to attack. Anyway, wireless communication has a much more limited range, masts need to be closer to the transmission source and thus can be interfered with much easier. Even if climate doesn't interfere with the signal (solar storms are another threat btw, they shut down a ton of transmitters last summer - no effect on phonelines as far as I know), people can easily interfere with the signal.

    A regular phone? No radiation there. My cellphone's turned off by default. I have a wall covered in tinfoil to circumvent radiation from a nearby mast. Hmm, this seems like a suitable place to paste in some information from the SRPF (Google Translated with certain correction from: ):

    "In Sweden and in many EU countries the recommendations of the ICNIRP. ICNIRP recommendations / limits are heavily criticized because they only protect against acute warming effect of 6-minute exposure (radiofrequency radiation / mobile). To microwave radiation from mobile towers terms of values ​​that are hundreds of thousands times higher than the levels in which researchers observed effects on humans of long-term exposure. For low frequency magnetic fields is the ICNIRP limits 500 times higher than the level where you consistently see an increased leukemia risk to children.

    Radiation Protection Foundation believes that the recommendations must be reduced radically to protect the public from the harm of electromagnetic radiation and that new limits must take into account the radiation characteristics (pulsation, frequency, modulation), synergy (with different sources of radiation and chemicals / heavy metals) and that there are large differences in sensitivity (fetuses, children, the sick, the elderly).

    Radiation Protection Foundation therefore recommends the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) implying that the exposure should be kept as low as technically feasible. We support the recommendations made ​​by the Health Department of Salzburg in Austria since 2002 and of Bioinitiativgruppen . They recommend that microwave radiation should not exceed 1-3 microwatts / m 2 of housing, which is 10 million times lower than the levels permitted under the ICNIRP and Radiation Safety guidelines. "

    So, I do try to avoid using wireless whenever I can. This might have little effect on the overall levels where I live, but better do what I can than do nothing. Sweden is one of the countries in the world with the most thorough wireless coverage, a pioneer with 3G and 4G, wifi in schools, libraries; pretty much all larger public buildings short of hospitals. Wireless technology can be useful, sure, but it's still a largely untested technology, and we're played like guinea pigs! I like to stick to the traditional; well-tried and approved wires as much as I can.


  22. Doomroar
    Monday Feb/2/2015

    But that is for phone lines; Yes the big wires do go under sea which is awesome, but they do go and connect to the ISP; Com Towers need to be tall that is what gives them coverage; Well solar storms would ruins us all equally so there's no saving us wired or not...

    So you turn off your cellphone when you are at home? this guy, alright i take back what i said before, you take your radiation seriously, a tin foil wall? how close is that mast, and is that even legal for there to be a transmission antenna that closely? or is that just a phone/energy mast and you are acting paranoid?

    You can go to:
    And just paste the link, The end result is practically the same.

    So your country has regulations for radiation, but you can still get wireless internet, the one that recevieves it is the modem, from there out you can wire the signal to your computer, the modem itself can be in another room.

  23. Cyber
    Tuesday Feb/3/2015

    Ah. Though those stations usually aren't smack in the middle of inhabited areas; as such less susceptible to attack. Well, there are different types of wireless of course, the older GSM and the even older NMT had much better coverage, and weren't as strong (IOW less health risk). They're still being used. There's one new broadband company re-purposing the NMT network for mobile broadband, though I have no idea how that works. Anyway, for 3G and 4G they need many more transmitters/masts/whatever-they're-called within the areas in which they're used. As such, they're also not as reliable. And solar storms don't affect phonelines, at least not the weak ones we've had so far, the one's we had last summer just caused a huge cellular blackout. Opposite of what we have now. If we hadn't been up North, where we have no regular phone, we'd have been one of those few who hadn't been affected at all. They fixed that really quickly though, unlike now...

    I usually don't have my phone on even when I'm away. Haha yeah, I'm the guy who's not like the other guys! :D Mast is a few hundred meters away; since our house is a bit higher up than surrounding ones it's level with the room. We measured the radiation before/after tin foil, it's not gone, but it's better. There's really no limitation to where/how many antennas they can put up over here. As that segment of text I posted noted we have waaay too careless restrictions on how much; what's allowed. I wish I was paranoid. :) My dad used to work with Ericsson btw, I do have some second-hand experience from this telecom industry thing we're speaking about here, even if things are rapidly changing since his working days.

    Yeah, that's what I did, then pasted in the result. A few things didn't translate though. Replaced those manually.

    Indeed. I should get a USB extension chord. Never needed one before. Though I really didn't expect this to take so long, everyday it's like 'I'm sure they'll fix it soon, so I'll just leave it like this till then'.

  24. Doomroar
    Tuesday Feb/3/2015

    If someone wants to attack them they just will, terrorist plan their attacks it is not just bombing at random...
    They need more transmitters to extend the signal without increasing the power, is doing it that way or increasing the signal's power and then have people complaining about radiation. Solar storms affect the satellites that are not being protected by the earths magneto sphere and stratosphere, ground phone lines don't use the satellite's power, but the internet both wired and wireless do use it.

    What if your family needs to call you? or you have to call them? you just wait until you get back to your home? man you live on the 60s maybe even before that.
    How many sieverts did you got from the measurement?

    This is like what 3 weeks a month without internet? and you are not planning to change provider? man such a loyal customer.

  25. Doomroar
    Wednesday Feb/4/2015

    Talking about radiation and phones, this just came today:

  26. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/4/2015

    Indeed, but the point I'm trying to get across here is: wireless technology (at least the modern types we use on a daily basis, 3/4G) are so much less reliable than traditional wire transfer! Much more susceptible to attack or interference or natural/unnatural impact.

    Mmm, indeed. Ah, satellites are the weak link then! Potential global side-effect, but OK local. Btw, would be difficult for terrorists to take down satellites compared to masts, just saying... though that is technically wireless technology too... on that note: I wouldn't mind satellite telephony/Internet. Course that's way too incredibly expensive to more than think about right now.

    Yeah, I have to call them, do have to make an occasional call to let them know I'm OK. And of course there are times when I have to have my phone on, when I'm about to meet somewhere, when I'm working etc. I keep it oldskool when possible. :P I don't know, we borrowed a device for measuring, don't remember if it actually had a display at all (and if so: if it said anything). It gave out audio signals for different types of radiation, with increasing strength the more there was. Lower floor was fine, upper floor was OK on one side, on the other (facing the mast) it seemed pretty high.

    If I was the one paying for our Internet I probably would. :/ Though even if I did the problem wouldn't go away: all ISPs use the (same) phone lines for phone-based Internet. My dad used to work at Telia, back when they were known as Televerket (The Telephone Network/Company) and owned by the state. So yeah, he is a pretty loyal customer...

  27. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/4/2015

    Heeey Swedish studies! If I didn't know better that'd sound pretty convincing...

  28. Doomroar
    Thursday Feb/5/2015

    Yet they cut your wires and now you are on wireless, anyway i give you the last 2 to you, but if a terrorist wants to mess the internet wired or wireless is not a problem.

    Yeah for a terrorist it would be easy to cut a cable than to take down a satellite, but i was talking about Solar storms there, not about terrorism.

    That's too old school, pre-beeper time.

    So you measured for radiation other than just ionizing radiation? interesting.

    What didn't convinced you? the studies, the consensus of the video? and why?

  29. Cyber
    Thursday Feb/5/2015

    Aint that the irony of it all! Alright, and of course if there's a will there's a way, but some technologies are easier to mess with than others.

    I mean easier for them to blast a mast. But yeah, I know, it just dawned on me while responding that satellite's seem pretty secure as far as Earthly assaults go.

    I never even had a beeper! Man, all those awesome technology of the past I've missed! :)

    Hmm I don't know which types exactly. We measured radiation with the mast in mind, and trusted those who lent the device to know what the signals meant. There's some pretty complex equipment you can get that measures all sorts of radiation though, would be fun to have around. Or not. Might make you incredibly paranoid about all the dangers you've been unaware of earlier. :P

    Well for starters, I don't trust Swedish studies one bit. They banned Stevia because it was considered dangerous (thanks to Aspartame lobbyists). One renowned hospital (Karolinska) recently tried covering up statistically significant research on healing that didn't give them the results they wanted (that didn't ultimately prove that Healing is bogus). They went so far as to stage a robbery and 'steal' their own results. That's been in the papers lately. For a while, homeopathy was almost outlawed and banned, even though the government keep claiming such medicine are just sugar pills that have no effect. There was a university program on homeopathy or something similar funded by a substantial private fund, but the university didn't consider it meaningful learning and (without permission) moved over those funds to other education. The National Food Administration have been incorrectly claiming that butter is hazardous for your health until just recently when finally the research in other countries forced them to change, we still use a 'plate model' from the 60s or earlier, all hospitals serve food rich in carbohydrates and sugar, even though research clearly shows that infections feed off sugar (and the body converts carbohydrates to sugar). As far as radiation goes I've read a lot of studies claiming the opposite, which I believe in more. There are unprecedented amounts of cancer victims all over the country, and this feels like a logical cause... maybe along with how we're the only country in Europe feeding our heating plants with trash from other European countries, so much in fact that leftover wood-material is no longer used. The ash is so hazardous they can't even use it as landfill, and yet there's no control as to how much of it gets through. Getting off topic here, but my point is: I wouldn't put any faith at all in Swedish studies... unless maybe I know the parties involved, or I know who sponsors it/that it's a study done with non-commercial cause.

    Wouldn't we like to believe there's no harm in cellular radiation considering how we live our lives today? I don't like how it's a matter that some people just seem to laugh off, keeping to their habits as if our way of life is more important than our future.

  30. Doomroar
    Saturday Feb/7/2015

    Yeah like cutting a cable XD.

    Well they are in orbit.

    What about a walkie talkie XD?

    But before buying equipment and start to act paranoid, you would have to learn about radiation, otherwise it would be like measuring voltage in an electric current instead of the amperage, in hopes of determining if it is safe or not.

    Seems like they did the american thing and banned Stevia inst that what you wanted a more american government? XD anyway jokes aside, the dangers of stevia are limited to the traditional sweetener industry, and money talks, so...

    A fake robbery? nasty, but at least the researchers didn't committed suicide to avoid shame like the Japanese do once their fake studies are known as fake: sure cheating in science is despicable, but killing yourself is not going to solve shit, if anything it will tarnish the whole thing even more, now staging a whole robbery... that's also quite extreme what kind of healing were they studying?

    Well they ARE placebos, just sugar pills, it is ok for people to take them, but they should know that it is not real medicine they are gambling with their health and that's the danger of the whole thing, just the basic concept behind it is already contradictory, "a minimal dosage of something will create a greater effect in the body once ingested" man i laugh at it, but my mom loves that stuff, she is convinced that it works, and the nice thing of placebos is that the more you believe the greater the effect, but man if only i could get Dr S3C to shine some light on this whole thing "Mom i know this Indian doctor, yes he is actually from India! and here's what he has to say about homeopathy...", i know that would solve the thing.

    It depends on how you make the butter, but yeah generalizations lead to mistakes, sometimes big ones. And talking about generalizations, not all sugars are the same, and the body needs sugars to live just like infecting organism need sugars to live, we are alive we need sugars, so if you completely remove them, you will starve people, there's only 2 ways of dying once your brain loses access to oxygen or once it loses access to sugars, btw carbohydrates are sugar, so you just said the same thing twice XD, didn't we talked about this before? when i mentioned that over here we call sodas carbohydrate drinks, because they are just water with sugar.

    But here's the thing even if correlation doesn't implies causation, there are still no (reliable) studies that shows a correlation between phones and a cancer increase, it sucks for the Swedish investigators but they just had to go and choose the rarest type of cancer (brain cancer) to go and use it as a correlation model, no idea what they were thinking, but it seems researches are getting crazy nowadays just to get published.

    Oh yeah Sweden actually buys trash from other countries to use it as a base to burn, you would assume they would have a good system to deal with the residual product, it sounds quite good actually, that way you don't go wasting wood and trees just for burning.

    Well talking about fear mongering, seems like UK will claim the tops soon.

    Well even if they don't have a non-commercial cause, they can still have a political cause, hidden agendas, but that's why peer review studies exist.

    Again there are ways to know if a study is legit or a hoax, and those include reading the study and what other experts have to say about the theme, otherwise it would be like 2 myopic parents telling their child to get away from the TV or he would grow blind, instead of recognizing that he was doomed from the start to wear glasses thanks to those 2 parents of his and their bad genes.
    Now on the topic of current life style VS the future, we now have environmental politics which were unheard off 50 years ago, there's a global green movement, and people are starting to know that the planet has material limits, if you take all this you will see that scientist are not the ones that are against taking care of the planet.

  31. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/7/2015

    It's not like they'd easily be able to cut a cable without being noticed, whereas tapping into or interfering with a wireless transmission...

    That too!

    We actually used Walkie Talkies a while up North. :) Back when there were no cellhpones (well, when they were rare and super-expensive) we had a direct wireless transmission between our little cottage and Grandma's house. :P Pretty expensive Walkie Talkies I think, at least 1km range through woodland. Ahh them days!

    Well I'm not planning on buying. The device we used definitely measured radiation, not regular electrical voltage. We have tools for that, been using them a bit while looking for cables in walls etc (hanging up paintings etc). I'm happy wireless electricity isn't a thing yet (apart from short-range chargers n stuff)...

    lol, yeah. Meanwhile in the telecom industry there's sure a lot of money nowadays.

    Maaan that's a shame. O_O Yeah, apparantely one of the researchers had made copies of certain key documents, despite not being allowed to, and thus it was all revealed. For shame on Karolinaka though, but I do understand their angle. If they'd publish studies on the positive effects on Healing, there'd be an even bigger outcry. The healthcare industry is a really BIG industry after all. Healing as in Contact Healing, apparently (here we just refer to it as Healing):

    Yeah I know our views differ here; you uphold scientific evidence as a law of it's own. I've been cured of fur allergy via homeopathic medicine though, back when I was little enough that I shouldn't have been able to even perceive any potential effect of what I consumed. Doesn't matter much to me how it works though, only that it does, it exists for all purposes and doesn't have such potentially dangerous side effects as traditional medicine, though there's a reason they still prescribe only a certain amount. Try eating a whole bottle at once, see if you don't get a pretty intense reaction. ;) That's been done before, and maybe changed the minds of a few devoted scientists... but oddly enough they don't consider that evidence. Money speaking again? If it's all placebo after all though, that's fine. I believe in it.

    The butter thing was the money of the margarine industry speaking, though. It was a large co-ordinated industry effort at making certain artificial foods take precedence over others, less financially viable ones... and for a while it worked. It's incredible how much the commercial sector gets away with without financial repercussion. Carbohydrate drinks huh, interesting... I don't recall that, but do think we talked about sugar! Alright, moving on from that debate...

    Huh, rarest form of cancer. You don't think that might've been intentional, as to be sure to NOT prove the correlation between cellphones and cancer? That's how they worked in the past with research on Stevia, Amalgam, Margarine, etcetc...

    Well it'd be good if the fallout wasn't continually releasing toxins into our atmosphere... apparently there's something happening to the waters in Mälaren (our biggest lake, the one in/around Stockholm), but I can't translate all the terms... something about alkaline.

    What a sad study. :/ I don't doubt it, but if only they'd get to the root of the issue and start solving it... btw, to clarify, I don't think increasing radiation is the only culprit here. I think it's a combination of mainly that, pollution and our (bad) dietary habits. Maybe also our reckless way of life that leaves people to despair the future; overall just be more tired/depressed/susceptible to disease.

    True. Do they work though? Doesn't seem they always have in the past. I don't believe the scrutiny of science always works as intended. And scientists seem to have this natural opposition to potential dangers of items of progress, technology, artificial medicine, etc. Cellphone radiation? Nah... cellphones are the future! Medicine derived from synthetic substances vs natural edibles with large nutritional value? Pah! It's like science is constantly on the side of the artificial alternative, although it feels logical to me that our evolution has worked in letting us better harmonize with our habitat: nature. All we need's right here. Still we're always re-inventing the wheel, synthesizing natural components, replacing social norms and expectations with our own laws, making our own items, slowly synthesizing the world itself as if we can make it better than it was before we got here. Don't get me wrong: I do appreciate technology to a certain extent, and I appreciate many of the steps we've taken to facilitate life, forms of recreation and entertainment we've made for ourselves, etcetc, but I feel we're losing respect for our roots; for the eco-system with which we are currently forced to co-exist.

    Mmm, scientists aren't all bad, but I get stereotypes. I don't like how progress is always 'the new', or how something has to be proven to be true. We never know the dangers of new technology for example until they've been tested for some time, and during that time there's always so much skepticism as to its potential danger. It's human to err. It's not like all ideas we have; all new technology we make is automatically perfect and without potential side-effect, so why do we assume it is? Some people could use some of philosophies critical thinking in these topics. :/ That's my two cents.

  32. Doomroar
    Sunday Feb/8/2015

    You can cut a cable and then leave, but for wireless you need to do a constant interference and they can track the signal.

    So instead of beepers you used Walkie Talkies? interesting.

    No no, i mean that as a comparison, before buying one you should learn about it or you would end measuring the wrong things, hence the example with electricity.

    Wait doesn't that means that a 9 year old is a better scientist than them? hahahahahahahaha.

    The principle is that less is more, not that a proper dosage should be adequate to get an effect, so like with most things, you decide to overdose, with lets say, duck liver, of course you will get a reaction derived from an increase on iron, but that doesn't means that the effect has healing capabilities.

    I can see that as a reaction from the margarine industry, because i saw some papers speaking against margarine back in the day, and thus my mom decided to stop buying margarine, so i see how they would want to retaliate, but in the end they are milk based products, and recently my mom wants to swap into soy based, i don't care anymore.

    Let's publish a bad study that once it is carefully examined it shows nothing (that is in favor or against a correlation between cancer and cellphones, since the results are invalid) and tarnish our names as researches in order to help the cellphone industry, and to do this we will make a correlation between brain cancer and cellphones! they wasted their time, the study shows a correlation, however because it was badly done it is proving nothing, thus there can still be the possibility of a correlation if a better team works on it.

    You had a nuclear fall out on Sweden? or are we talking about the ash from the trash? if is the second, then by alkaline they may refer to elements that have low acidity, meaning they are bases, thus alkaline, today's common batteries (AAA, AA, etc) are alkaline and thus they are safe to be disposed off, however they are still heavy metals and thus may not be what you would consider as "burnable trash", but not because they are alkaline, but because they are metals, being heavy and durable they take long to be decomposed, if at all, the good news is that they are not acidic sot there's at least that, if they are alkaline but not metals, then they refer to elements that in general are resistant to acids.

    I don't think that radiation is the main culprit, here's my reasoning, cancer is occurring worldwide at different but increased rates, however the access to wireless tech is not equal everywhere and doesn't correlates with the increase of cancer, so even if it were a factor that causes cancer, it wont be the main one.

    They work, but not all studies are peer review, that's when bad information often comes from.

    Here's the thing with medicine, more often than not it is an industry and business rather than a science, a big part of studies are done by pharmaceutical labs, so we end with the horrible state of today, when health studies are gambled between the lines of science,greed, crazy people, and then crazy people claiming to be doing science.

    It depends, if your roots are judeo-christian (that includes Muslims), then you were never connected to nature, your connection was to some God in the sky, who made the world so you can do with it as you please, but those religions are relatively new, before that the relation with nature was not one of coexistence, but of servitude, and before that it was antagonism, not everyone has Druids or Shamans as their ancestors.

    "or how something has to be proven to be true" you scare me sometimes as i read you, you really do.

    Because we believe that even if they are harmful we can control them, which is what we did with radio technology, so now we hope to achieve the same with nuclear, and other types of waves, the ethical thing would be to research the effects of something over time before releasing it into public consumption, however not all technology is made by scientist, nor is born in times of peace, most of what we have today was a product of war, and was created for military use, then it was popularized, and the military demands immediate results, not over time.

  33. Cyber
    Sunday Feb/8/2015

    Or you could short circuit the transmitter. Same approach, except cables are only cables, whereas this kind of wireless technology relies on local equipment to work.

    Mmm, we like hearing voices in our heads!

    Ah, my bad. Agreed.

    Hah, don't know how I should interpret that. Nice backstory though. If that's the same study referred to in the other article it definitely gives a new angle.

    The traces of certain ingredients in homeopathy are so tiny that even an entire bottle of any homeopathic medicine of choice should have no effect at all. And yet it does! Would be cool if science would figure out HOW it works rather than stubbornly sticking to the: it doesn't.

    Mmm, in the end all they want to do is earn money. But we do agree that margarine is inferior to regular butter, right? I wouldn't opt for Soy myself. Apart from potential Estrogen side-effects (though you'll have to eat an incredible amount of it to notice any - and if you're female it won't matter anyway) that stuff's also riddled with GMO nowadays. We abandoned Soy a while back, mostly. It's a shame though, real healthy little bean otherwise.

    Oh, you think there is a correlation after all? Well, it's been done before. I doubt their motives. Who can afford to study science without getting at least a little involved with commercial interest? And I'm sure plenty of scientists are prepared to stake their rep on disproving the dangers of cellphone radiation, that goes hand in hand with my thoughts on 'natural opposition to potential dangers of items of progress'...

    Ash in the trash. Yeah... I'll have to get back to you on the rant on our trash-handling when I know all the facts. The alkaline thing was in regard to this lake (also where we get our drinking water in Stockholm) being poisoned, but more on that later!

    Mmm, seems like similar reasoning after all!


    That about sums up the crazy commercial world of today! Or at least one of its key industries.

    Yeah, and that's a big problem with religion! Beliefs are generally very egoistic, where servitude is all aimed at you or your fellow race. Worldly problems can be regarded as superficial since this place is just the playground; the after-life is the goal. With a majority thinking like that, it's no wonder this place is how it is! As for coexistence, just look at native populations, Indians etc. They co-existed. They didn't use more than they needed, they respected nature, they did cultivate it to a certain extent, but they didn't systematically consume it as we do now. In that regard, I wish we could go back to our roots. Not changing our current social outfit completely, but bettering it so it's a sustainable form of living. Not worshiping higher entities that might not exist isn't necessarily a path of evil and egoism. I think I'm doing alright.

    Hmm, didn't catch that paradox when I wrote it. I'm sure you know what I mean though. :P

    Yeah, and I don't have that faith in humankind... One of these days our arrogance will be our fall! Or our greed. Or both. Indeed, long-term testing would be optimal.

  34. Doomroar
    Monday Feb/9/2015

    Because cables don't connect to modems and routers right?

    It means that some time ago a little girl skeptic of touch healing and other suspicious forms to heal people, went and made a formal study on the case and successfully proved the hoax, and then some years later a hospital stages a robbery in order to hide their own failure in the same field, i find that hilarious.

    But it doesn't, the concept itself is nonsense! is the perfect example of a contradiction, and if that wasn't enough the ingredients by themselves make even less sense, duck liver by itself does nothing, how in the thousand hells will a sugar pill which water molecules were once upon a time in contact with 0.00001 gram of duck liver, have an effect now? they will have to prove that it is the nonexistent (because at this point that pill doesn't has anything to do with dick liver, is just sugar) ingredient the one that is having an effect, somehow.

    It depends of course from were you get your soy. Yeah i like butter more than margarine.

    I don't think there is a correlation, but i can't say that there isn't.
    Then they are not scientist they are merchants.

    Then it should be acidic not alkaline, unless the PH is too high, then it is also bad because it has too high a base.

    Yeah they have a corny way to commute with the world, but in the end it is all egoism, it is done because it helps them survive, not all the gods of the natives over here are good.

    Yeah but we don't live in an ideal world, so the second best thing is done, studies after public release.

  35. Cyber
    Monday Feb/9/2015

    But those modems/routers are in peoples homes! Wireless equipment is publicly accessible. And, in addition to those wireless transmitters, you need a receiver to make use of the signal anyway.

    Heh yeah, but, the hospital apparently produced results that show it worked, though they were aiming to further disapprove of it. That's supposedly why they staged the robbery.

    How can they prove it doesn't work when it can't be consumed without having an effect? That doesn't make sense to me. Sure it defies common logic, but that's the stigma of new thinking! If homeopathy was a black hole, they wouldn't be saying: 'we can't figure out how this works, therefore it doesn't'.

    Definitely. It's just so difficult to get GMO-free. Glad to hear it! :)

    Haha, they're like Lego Scientists. :P


    What native Gods did you (or do you?) have over there? Well, guess not all natives had the best practices either, but the natives of America at least (only ones I've really studied) seemed to have a pretty harmonious; self-sustainable lifestyle.

  36. Doomroar
    Tuesday Feb/10/2015

    Sure because the ISP doesn't has them neither.
    Because wired signals only need one, just one (1) transmitter to work, the one that sends the signal, no need to receive it anywhere.

    Makes the whole thing even sadder.

    Because it can be consumed without having an effect, the things are far away from being 100% effective, they are just placebos they depend on you believing they work simple as that.

    No it is not new thinking, neither it is traditional, a quack made it back in the 1700s practically 1800, it was not traditional medicine, it was just alternative, and now there is a bunch of people trying to get it on the same band wagon of real traditional and natural med, having the nerve of even mixing it with things like acupuncture which have nothing to do with Homeopathy, and that's not Homeopathy's fault, but by now it is damaging the name of other alternative medicine just by relationship.

    We can't figure for now how a Black Hole exactly works, but we know the principle of how it works, and that it also exist, indeed we knew of black holes before we had physical proof of them existing in nature, homeopathy on the other hand doesn't works beyond a placebo, and to make it works the theory doesn't makes sense, by simple logic it is a contradiction.

    People have made great things with legos, from robots to braille printers, so to call them lego scientist is insulting to lego scientist.

    Way too many to count, since there are so many different cultures, but the most important one (for the Quechua at least) is the Pachamama,but the gods vary a lot, from the sun, the clouds, farming, fertility, hunting, and animal anthropomorphism.
    The lad was not at peace there were various empires at the moment ranging from the Mayans to the Incas, like any empire they wagged war among each other, and as it is to be expected apart from those 2 there was a multitude of smaller native cultures and their culture drastically change by region.

  37. Cyber
    Tuesday Feb/10/2015

    It's not like just anyone could walk into an ISP building though.
    With wired you have the source, the cables, and the receiver. With wireless you have the source, the transmitters (along with the wireless transmission), and then the receivers. As I see it that part in the middle is the weakest link, and the wireless alternative the one form of the two most susceptible to interfere, tapping, attack; natural disaster.


    Stubborn man! You know the principle of Homeopathy too. The problem is it apparently can't be proven.

    lol, Lego Scientists as in Lego Soldiers, as in hireable for money, if you weren't getting that... after typing out the above I realize you probably were getting that, thus the added lol.

    The lad? Oh, you had both Inca and Mayans over there, the two most mythical civilizations of the world! Well, along with the Aztecs... and maybe the Egyptians, and the Babylonians were pretty cool too... and Persia, but those aren't really so mythical civilizations any longer. Anyway, sounds like a fascinating history!

  38. Doomroar
    Tuesday Feb/10/2015

    But we are talking about terrorists...

    And then they cut our phone lines.

    It can't be proven beyond a placebo, because it is just that, a placebo!

    Is like when people call police pigs, pigs are too nice to be compared to the police.

    Land* missing an n.
    I find the Persian Empire more impressive than the Egyptians, but to this day the Mongols are still the historic exception to a lot of things, after all they made an empire out of nomad tribes.

  39. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/11/2015

    Well, if they really start targeting ISPs, the buildings will definitely be easier to guard than remotely located masts.

    Hah, it's just because the world thrives on wireless nowadays that the latter technology's all the more reliable! If they treated both equally, it'd never come to this.

    So you keep telling yourself.

    Mmm yeah, good thing the pigs might not understand the comparisson; be offended!

    Ah, should've got that. Mmm, the Mongols I don't know too much about. I imagine they were a bit like the Vikings, though united.

  40. Doomroar
    Thursday Feb/12/2015

    Well the same applies to land lines, which would actually be harder to guard than remotely located masts.

    No wonder dial internet was so good.

    Ok, then give me proof of it having effects beyond that of a placebo.

    No, not really, the vikings made settlements, had towns, and occupied towns, the mongols were purely nomads, as they spread they conquered but they never made cities or anything similar, neither made settlements, they ruled over cities but those cities were not "theirs", they always came back to the steppes after raiding, and charging taxes, but didn't had stationary camps, the concept of a city would be meaningless for their main economy was that of a nomad society, livestock then plunder.

  41. Cyber
    Friday Feb/13/2015

    Alright, when it comes to terrorism in particular, phones and masts could be equally susceptible, yet there are still landline benefits: they'd be cheaper to fix, they'd be easier to troubleshoot, and in war time they'd be possible to hide from damage, whereas transmitters for modern wireless technology all have a set radius within which they transmit and as such are easy to find. Disregarding terrorism though, landlines generally seem much more tolerable towards all types of damage.

    I do wonder if they could boost the speed via regular copper even further. 50 Mbit isn't bad, but considering all financed research is in wireless of fiber now, we might be missing out on some awesome revolutions within the technologies we've all grown so accustomed to! And lately, estranged from. For shame.

    I doubt any potential benefits would be able to convince you though. If you're willing, I'd recommend trying Apis Belladonna if you ever feel you're getting a cold. 10 pills every 2 hours usually gets rid of it fast if you start in time, but if it did work I'm sure you'd convince yourself it was all a benefit of the immune system, or other circumstance... and if it didn't, the homeopathy would be the one at fault. Homeopathy works in aiding the body's natural recovery after all, so unless you're willing to be convinced it's easy to shrug off any effects; thus easy to think of it as placebo. But the same could apply to any supplements, Vitamins, etc. Anyway, Apis Belladonna also works for allergic reactions, rashes, fever; other short-term conditions. That's the one short-term cure I use most frequently, and it's an antroposophic blend, so it's without those at times very strong potential cleansing side-effects (getting worse before it gets better, especially if you're treating a long-term disease). If you do give it a try, keep in mind you shouldn't eat/drink anything within 15 minutes before/after taking the pills, that'll just cancel out the effect. And keep them under your tongue for a moment, where they get into the bloodstream the easiest. Also, don't store close to any other substances with strong smells, like Mint. And if it doesn't go without saying: don't eat/drink ditto. I wonder if all the scientists who've given the medicine a try cared to read all instructions... would be interesting to hear your take on it if you give it a shot, if you haven't already? I'm no scientist, so other than proof of experience is beyond me.

    Interesting. Aaand I can think of no further comment on the topic, but it is interesting!

  42. Doomroar
    Friday Feb/13/2015

    The first ones to go from wired communication into wireless was the military, why then would the do that change if it was a less effective system? specially for war.
    However not all types of damage would affect wireless, just like not all types of damage would affect a wire.

    But we have fiber optic, light! why would we go back to copper?
    Could we do this with copper and what if then we add that twisted mechanic into wireless transmission? copper doesn't really lets us go that fast, it has limitations, even if we used gold instead of copper.

    I have already tried homeopathy medicine that my mom has bought for me, Oscillococcinum which claims to heal the flu, i wasn't getting any enhancement from it (i was getting the full 3 weeks of flu), and then i researched it, now as a non believer, i don't even get the placebo effect from it, it actually doesn't works on my mom neither she spends the same amount of time under the symptoms, however she was convinced that it healed her even if the effect was nonexistent, at times she evens comes with excuses blaming rain and the like, instead of doubting that what she is taking and paying for indeed has no effect on her, and that is sad because she believes on it.

    Well that's too bad other than an allergy to dust i don't have any other allergy.
    Wait it instantly heals you without getting worse before it gets better? so lets say that i was allergic to peanuts, can i use these antroposophic blend (what does that mean anyway) to cure my reaction? however if i was allergic to peanuts i can't wait 15 minutes, i need to breath, my face burns, my eyes are going blind really if i survive that, why would i try that anti-allergenic placebo? also what if i just brushed my teeth and have mint fresh breath, would that affect it now?

  43. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/14/2015

    Well they've experimented with a lot of technologies, good and bad, useful in different situations, maybe as an alternative method of communication, probably useful in scenarios when wires aren't practical to carry or place (like touring the inside of a volcano). It's true they both have benefits! But I think wireless is getting all the more hype just because it's more practical; new, not necessarily because it's better (as in: safer and reliable(r)).

    Because there already is a comprehensive landline network implemented in most countries. If we could replace it all with fiber, and keep using phones like usual, I'm all for it, but I'm against replacing our trustworthy net of copper cables with wireless. Pretty cool links btw! Those speeds!

    Ah, so you do have some experience! I can't speak for Oscillococcinum in particular, it's actually not listed in any of the 'useful cures' pamphlets I usually use for reference... though it seems surprisingly common! Personally, the main ingredient seem a bit suspect to me, duck liver and heart, that's... well that sounds more like a regular ingredient. Apis Belladonna has Atropa belladonna as a primary ingredient, or deadly nightshade, which would be lethal in regular doses. That's the kind of active ingredient I see having an effect. Anyway, that's just my first impression... or rather, considering you've had bad experiences with it I guess I feel compelled to defend the homeopathic alternative as a whole...

    You can get a mild headache from Apis Belladonna (at least I do) if you eat it frequently, like once every two hours, the 'emergency dose'. A 'regular' dose (three-four times/day) doesn't seem to have any effect. Generally, the worse your condition is, the worse side-effects you can get. I used Thuja Occidentalis over a longer time-frame a few years ago (don't recall for what) and I had to stop when I got this high fever and really painful blisters on the back of my tongue... I'm kinda wary of Thuja after that. But as I see it that's the immune system at work, so... I hope it managed to do some good too.

    I suppose it depends on the severity of the allergic reaction (if you're as allergic as in your example, homeopathy probably isn't the best choice), but yes, you should be able to cure it temporarily. It works (as in: has the same effect as) similarly to antihistamine, though the result isn't always that immediate. To cure an allergy entirely I'd think you need to get to the root of the issue, figure out what's causing the allergy, not just cure the reaction. I know I had to take a bunch of different ones to get rid of my fur allergy. Btw, there are certain 'emergency' homeopathy pills to do things like: stop excessive bleeding, food poisoning, etc. I have a little first-aid kit of those, though I haven't needed to use any yet.

    Yeah if you take them soon after you've brushed your teeth, that might cancel out the effect. Mint in particular is a very potent ingredient, and these pills are pretty diluted after all. Btw, apart from strong smells/tastes, you have to keep the bottles away from sunlight. Though they usually have darkened glass anyway.

    As for antroposophic medicine, basically it's just like homeopathic medicine, but with other ingredients. The antroposophs did some different 'research' in the area and derived a few select mixtures of their own. We stumbled upon them somehow and started using. Actually, Apis Belladonna is the only one I know of. It's the only one we've needed so far. Might be the one and only...

  44. Doomroar
    Sunday Feb/15/2015

    Since we are talking about war, the safety of it doesn't really matters, the reliability and practicality of it do, and seeing that wireless doesn't needs to be stationary this can be more reliable than a wire which has to be guarded, plus you can change signals on the go, this of course also makes it more practical, and easier to fix.

    Actually to change a whole landline network for a new one would be quite expensive and wasteful, in that sense wireless is better, on the other hand fiber is just incredible fast, so the expense may be worth the trouble.

    The funny thing is that the active ingredient, is not in the product by the moment it is finished, because it is so distilled, following the premise that less is more, that when all is said and done you only have a sugar pill.

    ... haven't you considered, that the headaches, the fever, blisters and other symptoms, are actually caused by the sickness and not the drug? specially if you are having allergies.

    In my example the cure would be to stop eating peanuts XD.
    Well hope that a situation where you have to use the kit never comes.

    Are you for real? then how are you sure that your saliva or the digestive juices in your stomach are not affecting the compound? those are way more powerful than mint, saliva is after all a bunch of digestive enzymes and antibacterial fluids, way worse that mint or light.

    Yeah but i don't know what antroposophic means in the field of medicine, what are its principles, they seem like homeopathy, but crazier... i mean more spiritual.

  45. Cyber
    Sunday Feb/15/2015

    Yeah, wireless isn't particularly safe. ;) I do see the benefits for war-time use. Only downside to the technology in that area: it can be intercepted and traced. Well, same can be done with wires, but they'll have to find them first. Wireless transmission AFAIK can't be camouflaged. Only encrypted, etc.

    Indeed. The wireless expansion doesn't come cheap either, but it's wireless so... what can we do. :/

    The very essence of this specific incredient is in the product, in its very distilled and potentially useless form. You know we're getting nowhere with that sugar pill argument. :P

    I have. As for the headache, it's not like a regular headache. First time I had it was when I tried the 'emergency dose', unexpectedly, so I feel that's proof of cause enough. As for Thuja, could be, but I'd rather not try it again and see what happens. As I mentioned, homeopathy's supposed to assist the body, so fevers and blisters would be the immune system regardless, with or potentially without assistance.

    That works too. :) Yeah, hope so. Though I do believe it'll work, you never want to be in a situation like that anyway. And of course, traditional care takes precedence when possible, like: bandages to stop bleeding.

    You keep the pills in your mouth until they're dissolved, under the tongue is the one place in the body where substances most easily get into the bloodstream, so that's the optimal place for them. They don't work by being 'digested', but rather by working with your blood, on a cellular level I suppose. No idea if regular saliva can have an effect, but since it works I suppose not. Mint is a very strong antibacterial herb (focus on herb, as in: potential conflicting ingredient), which is why I assume that'd have an effect. Enzymes, etc, no idea.

    You know if you take Varan, for example (a strong synthetic medicine to prevent blood clots, common among old people), there's a bunch of natural ingredients you aren't allowed to eat since they have a natural effect on blood flow increase, like garlic, and could have dangerous consequences if their effects were combined. Would be strange if you can mix traditional medicine however you see fit when it's not even possible with the supposedly 'improved' synthetic variants. All forms of medicine have certain rules that apply to how they're consumed, with what, when, etc.

    Yeah, they do seem a bit crazy. :) I don't know, I use Apis Belladonna and that works great, but not sure I would agree with their spiritualistic approach otherwise. Might be a topic worth learning about later on, considering I'm an avid advocate of their (at least the one) medicine...

  46. Doomroar
    Monday Feb/16/2015

    Well but now we know that cancer is just half mushroom cells, so it doesn't matter anymore good doctor Sircus has saved us all, now we only have to buy his products.

    Is a sugar pill man, can you isolate the essence of something? what is that anyway? the "essence" of it?

    So how do you know that it is the pill and not your body under the placebo effect? anyway with that said, having access to a good placebo is good as long as it works so more power to you.

    Man i was getting worried that you were not going to use bandages or disinfectant XD.

    But saliva is a secretion we use to digest things, so i find it weird that the odor of mint would have an greater effect than saliva itself, also you will end that saliva with the dissolved pill eventually, it is not like it will directly enter your blood stream from your mouth... unless the one doing that is the essence and since i don't know how that works, maybe that does go directly on the blood stream, but damn if it sounds fishy.

    Yeah but those are things that you are eating and mixing in your body, not just the odor of it.

    I searched the Wikipedia article and apparently there are 2 kinds of it circulating in the market, the one that follows the strict diluted norm, and another one that is less diluted (but still with a dose too small to be considered anything other than a sugar pill), it wont be rare if there's a 3rd one that actually has some belladonna on it.

  47. Cyber
    Tuesday Feb/17/2015


    We should let this argument go man. Essence = the very core of existence! Applied to select item of choice.

    Why would I get a strange headache while using a certain substance on multiple occasions when said substance is said to have no effect, if I have no idea such symptoms may occur while using this certain substance? It's because I've noticed that it works that I believe in it. If it works now for that particular reason I can't say, but the reason I started to believe in it in the first place is because I didn't believe in it before I realized it had an effect. Imagine tasting some unknown ingredient, and discovering you like the taste, and then hearing people say that it tastes nothing at all. How would you react? That OK, the taste is probably just your imagination and it doesn't exist... though it still tastes pretty good hmm. Or rather, that the people who question its taste have something wrong with their taste buds? That there was something wrong with the one they tasted? And maybe most of them haven't even tried it!

    I'd still rather use a fresh leaf of Plantain than a patch of disposable plastic with glue on it though. :)

    If you want to see if you're allergic to something, place it under your tongue. :P Well that's what they say, homeopathy works in mysterious ways!

    What is odor? A fragrance caused by one or more volatilized chemical compounds, so basically: an ingredient, but in such low concentration you can't eat it. The stronger the odor, the stronger the ingredient... is my inner logic speaking. Well, synthetic medicine is usually encapsulated in a thick shell so it'll reach your digestive tract before it starts interacting with the body. Not saying they'd be susceptible to influence by odor the same way anyway, what I'm trying to say is: everything interacts in one way or another, traditional medicine as much as the synthetic ones.

    I do appreciate that Belladonna being diluted, would be a straight-out poison otherwise! Have you read the Count of Venice btw? The character eating small doses of poison for a long time to eventually force immunity? Same principle here. I thought S3C's comment on how vaccines work by containing a "...virus that is attenuated to the point where the virus is too weak to damage the body, but strong enough for the body to detect and create antibodies to protect against the prospective more potent, pathogenic strains of the virus." was a pretty good simile to the homeopathical practice.

  48. Doomroar
    Wednesday Feb/18/2015

    Fine, i am just saying, it is like getting healed by the power of Jesus...

    If you had a headache, is because you were sick, unless you were taking medication just for taking medication, and see if it does something.

    So you went uninformed and started taking some unknown medication that someone claims it works, you didn't believe that it would work, but you took it anyways, after doing so, you had a headache, and after it you were healed, this made you believe that it works, and that one of its effects involves a headache, and that headache happens each time you consume this product, is this correct?
    Then my answer is the same you took a placebo, and the belief on it was reinforced after you overcame the first try, the faith on it working didn't came from you but from the recommendation, along with the idea that the thing you took was not harmful.

    To the example of people tasting things, you could have a case similar to synesthesia so if the thing everyone says has no taste has a taste for you it can be perfectly your problem, just like for some people numbers have colors.

    The band aid offers all you need to keep the wound protected and blocked without falling off, the missing thing would be the disinfectant, on the other hand the leaf by itself hardly offers any cover, but in the end both serve the same function than a piece of cloth with some alcohol on it would give.

    They say the same about Jesus.

    You can't eat it, but you can smell it, yes that's an odor.
    The stronger the odor the strongest the ingredient? not really sulfur doesn't has to be stronger than nitrogen, yet sulfur is easier to smell.
    They are encapsulated in order to have an easy access to an accurate dosage of something, is a form of measurement, then it is also a form of transporting the ingredients, and thus the primary role of the plastic pill is not to protect the ingredients inside the pill, but to deliver the ingredients.
    Yes everything interest one way or another, but you will need a better example for your argument, or better said, an example that is actually relevant, plastic pills don't really work for this case, nor does the case of the strength of an element residing on its smell.

    I haven't read Count of Venice, but i know of Bill Haast a real life man who purposely injected himself with snake venom to develop immunity, yeah i know how vaccines work, the difference between a vaccine and homeopathy, is that the first still has a virus that we can detect, and the second doesn't has any ingredients on it, being thus just sugar pills, the problem with homeopathy is that they dilute the ingredient so much that the final product lacks the ingredient, despite the claim of the essence still being there, it will remain empty until they can show were that so called essence is.

  49. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/18/2015

    Back in the day I hear he had some interesting powers! Though I fear they might be largely exaggerated by now.

    I was sick before the headache, thus medication, thus headache, thus my conviction, thus our going in circles aaaargh!

    Right. First time was for allergy btw, had a pretty intense rash after eating some Easter eggs with supposed ASO colors (they used to be banned in Sweden btw, before the EU forced us all to allow them) and didn't have anything else to take at the time. Headache seems to happen each time I consume the product in larger quantities, not always. Ah well, the simile didn't come across as I hoped... seems the gray matter one was a more convincing version. Interesting stuff on Synesthesia though.

    Well, a leaf for anti-bacterial properties and cover, I'd need another plant (grass, thatch, etc) to tie it all together. Point being I'd rather use a natural alternative when it exists, unless the benefits of a synthetic version greatly outweigh the cost; potential side-effect. In this one example, using a leaf would yield no negative long-term environmental side-effects (like islands of plastic waste floating around the ocean, slowly deteriorating, their particles over-time choking the life out of marine life-forms in its vicinity), nobody profiting off of my using it (and potentially altering the product so that people will use more of it, like how certain skin cream dries out your skin), and no need for me to pay for it either (and thus less need for me to attain the money necessary to buy it, here assuming less need for money implies more time to live). Looks like I'm getting carried away with all the wrongs of the world again, but you'll get the point I'm sure...

    Googled 'works in mysterious ways' to find something else than God, but that's all there is! 4,400,000 results might show something more, but apparently Google does not serve more than the first thousand. It sure works in mysterious ways. :P

    Hmm, got me thinking about how some toxins don't smell anything at all. I wonder why, if it's the body's ways of somehow protecting us from ingesting it even via smell, or if there's no relation to the lack of smell and the danger... anyway, forget the smell itself, it seems how ingredients smell and what effect they have is irrelevant, but fact is the smell is a part/an extension/effect of the ingredient: odor a less-concentrated form of whatever it belongs to, so especially with extremely diluted homeopathic substances I imagine it could have an effect.

    Well there are different kinds of capsules, there's the kind that's like a container, with powder content, and there's the kind that is more like a surface texture. They both have multiple purposes: to protect the inner content from digestion before a certain time, or just to make it reach the digestive tract, to protect the content from sunlight before it's digested (I imagine from other things as well - bacteria, moisture, smell? who knows), to make it easier to swallow, to make it look tastier, etc. Homeopathic pills have no shells at all, which seems to me should make them more susceptible to outside 'interference'. Doesn't seem very practical in that regard, but since they're not supposed to be digested, I imagine a shell would just complicate the process, make them more expensive to make and take longer to melt.

    Ah yeah, I think I've heard of him too, if there aren't more people who do the same thing. Tragic story on that Wiki page btw.

    If they don't have an ingredient you can perceive, unless scientists are convinced there is something that can be perceived, it doesn't seem like they'll ever want to prove it. Kinda like how everyone used to believe the Earth was flat. It was so obvious. How could anyone say differently when you could look out the window and see it? But then came that one guy with conviction that things were different, and proved things weren't as they seemed to be...

    I guess I could be more open to the possibility that it could be placebo. But then again: "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man." And the more scientists are trying to disprove of homeopathy, the more reasonable it seems it'd be a better practice than they preach! Might sound unreasonable, but I have my reasons. ;)

    Btw, just found this:

  50. Doomroar
    Friday Feb/20/2015

    People still come and say that the power of Jesus cured them from their gambling addiction, etc.


    Yeah Synesthesia is quite interesting.

    Well you live in Sweden so band-aids would probably just be burned instead of ending on a sea-fill.
    Well the economic side of it is certainly a strong point that can't be debated, if is cheaper and accomplishes the same, then it is cheaper.

    Fucking magnets how do they work?

    Yeah for a substance that is diluted to such extremes even odor could affect it, but what i say is, then saliva is definitively more powerful than the air molecules of an element in the environment.

    Yeah but my points still remains, protecting the ingredients inside the pill, is not the main reason why they are being put in a pill.
    Technically if you put them under your tongue they are being digested by the saliva in your mouth, which is among munching the first part of the digestive process.

    Well he did manage to live pass 100 so i guess it was all under expectations.

    Well yeah you will have to wait for that guy, or group of guys with the drive to demonstrate the principles behind homeopathy, which is possible, i am just saying, as of now those pills don't show any major difference than with a sugar pill placebo, maybe they are more than sugar pills, but we don't have the proof yet, if there is.

    Interesting link it seems that the by the end of 2013 the evidence was 44% positive, 5% negative and 47% non-conclusive, and by the end of 2014 the evidence was 41% positive, 5% negative and 54% non-conclusive, so it seems that this medication has a probability of being 45& positive or do nothing, with a small chance of being negative, and while it is promising the non-conclusive evidence still remains a majority interesting to note because those RCT studies were done by taking into account that each person reacts differently and needs an accurate prescription.

    So at this moment it is more like a gamble, even more so than usual for the medic field.

  51. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/21/2015

    Mmm, they phrase their praise in mysterious ways!

    Yupp, it's better than some other places, but ash isn't an entirely clean byproduct either, and a lot of oil/energy does go into producing the product in the first place. Not that I think I, one person, would make that big a difference, but many rivers small ya know. Yupp.

    Haha, in mysterious ways man! XD

    Sure, but maybe it doesn't have any clashing effect? Since homeopathy works in aiding the body, and saliva is a part of the body...

    True, but stomach acids are much fiercer a force. Turns out there's actually a term for taking medicine under tongue btw, by which 'drugs diffuse into the blood through tissues under the tongue':

    He's dead! Oh man, missed that part entirely. Not a bad age though.

    Mmm, I can't argue with that!

    As I interpret those statistics, they're saying the positive 44% are showing that they are doing something, the negative 5% that they aren't, and the rest uncertain. As far as I know homeopathy has yet to show any actual 'negative' effects in research, it's still in the phase of 'does it work or not'? I could be misinterpreting that info of course, but either way it's interesting research indeed! Glad I stumbled upon something a bit more substantial in its favor. Especially the explanation on how it proposedly works, with certain reference:

    That particular page btw notes 75% positive studies on overall evidence, but even with just 44% that's not bad at all, the non-conclusive area's a large potential.

  52. Doomroar
    Saturday Feb/21/2015

    Mysterious indeed.

    I still can't believe that they don't have a proper way to dispose or use the ash, for real it sounds like a basic step on the whole trash handling process.
    That's actually a good point, the manufacturer may not be environmentally friendly as it makes those band-aids.

    I see miracles every day.

    Mysterious essence at its finest, it survives saliva, but it is susceptible to the smell of mint, one day they better get a way to explain this. Well stomach bile is also part of the body...

    He went on for longer than most people.

    No no, the positive show that they do something, the negative that they do something bad, and the uncertain that they do nothing that's why it is uncertain, they can't tell if it works or not, in your model the negative and uncertain would be the same thing.

    Yeah but would you willingly take any other kind of medical product if half of it was non-conclusive?

    That 75% seems to be a reference to a 2007s in vitro study, and even despite that in the end no positive result was stable enough to be reproduced by all investigators.
    However this theory (theory as it is supported by the studies presented there, that while not being overly positive are enough to give support beyond hypothesis, well for this circle at least) of memory of water has repercussions beyond that of homeopathy, if it were true, then what would the imply for the water that we normally consume? as it is clear that after the cycle of water by the moment it gets to our system it must be full of a lot of nanobubbles's information.

  53. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/21/2015

    Definitely, it should be something they figure out before they started burning trash in the first place, but it's just like so many other non-functional non-future-proof waste management issues, like how to take care of radioactive waste, or how to recycle down GoreTex, or how to make all the material waste from water purifying stations usable again (like, how do they get rid of the large doses of synthetic medicine it contains, that makes its way back to our water supply soon as it's laid out on our fields, and gets into our food as well?)

    Sounds like you live an interesting life!


    100 feels like a magical amount. Because it's the first even three digit number? Just because it's three digits? Because it has two zeros? I wonder why it seems so special!

    I thought non-conclusive meant that it was just that: non-conclusive. That they couldn't conclude if it had an effect or not. Confusing terms they use if such is not the case.

    If it posed no potential danger, then yes. I'm really wary of synthetic drugs, seems they often do more damage than they do good.

    Aha. Hmm, hopefully you'd still be able to purify water, removing any such traces before consumption.

  54. Doomroar
    Tuesday Feb/24/2015

    For a thing that is being advertised overseas as a milestone of an advanced society it sure doesn't sounds like a product of an advanced society.

    Ass Dan kid's look just like Ass Dan, and my 2 kids look just like Ass Dan...

    Because it means whole, they could use 50, and the only thing to change would be the percentiles being divided by 2.

    Exactly "they can’t tell if it works or not" i said that it does nothing because it doesn't generates a visible effect, but that doesn't means that it really "does nothing" that's why it is uncertain.

    Side effects are the main reason why drugs are sold under prescription, if not people would just go and self-medicate themselves away, and to be sincere here people already do that.

    Who knows, there's some Japanese guy that says that water is alive, sentient, and even has feelings, what is more water is fluent in Japanese and English, and can differentiate between praise and insults XD.

  55. Cyber
    Tuesday Feb/24/2015

    Oh, what part's being advertised overseas?

    lmao, those kinds of miracles! XD I remember that video btw, maybe you've linked to it earlier? Though never been to that site before!

    Ah, 100%. One more potential explanation as to the wonder of this one number's rad grandeur!

    That they can't tell if it works or not is not the same as being able to tell that it does not work. If that is the difference between 'non-conclusive' and 'negative' I see the former as 'potential to be conclusive' and the latter as 'potentially badly done research or exception that makes the rule'. That there's so little conclusive negative research makes me all the more optimistic.

    Mmm, which is why there's a demand for alternatives without those same potential negative consequences on our health.

    lol, feel kinda bad for this glass of water I'm drinking right now. :P Slightly relevant:

  56. Doomroar
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    That Sweden is a country so clean and efficient at handling trash, that it has entered a trash shortage and now it actually buys the trash from other countries.

    Yeah those kind of miracles, no, wait! i don't have kids... i mean, not because they look like Ass Dan... dammit Ass Dan! i am single, shit lets just say i am a virgin, and there's no way for me to have any kind of kid at the moment.
    Since the video is always deleted from YT i had to find it somewhere else.

    Exactly they can't tell if it works, or if it doesn't works, whether it is for good or bad, if someone runs a test, and nothing happens, he can't pass it as a negative, he has to pass it as non-conclusive, meaning it leaves open the possibility.
    The method of research was made with sick people divided on a test group and a control group, the samples were mixed and the experiment was ran blind (the investigators didn't knew which member were part of which group, and the same goes for the members), and the end they will measure the effects the drug had on helping the recovery of the patients beyond the effects of a placebo, if the test group had better results then it was positive, if it was the same or really mixed then it is non-conclusive, and if they actually did worse than the control group then negative.

    There are side effects to most things, of course some are stronger than others.

    According to him it seems water can read too...
    Anyway nice remix.

  57. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    Hah! Well, apparently they're good at making it sound better than it is, a commendable effrt in propoganda. We have no shortage on trash, we buy in more trash because it's a lucrative business that nobody else wants to touch with a thirty mile pole. Which genius decided it'd be better to concentrate all toxins in the maybe currently most clean country on the continent instead of letting everyone deal with their own poison? If anything, it's letting others not take responsibility for their environmental welfare.

    Just wait till they come knocking down your door like a true miracle. :P Gotta be some official source floating around though, you'd think they want all traffic they can get!

    So basically, you could disregard all non-conclusive research, and see the remaining research as 90% positive and 10% negative.

    Yeah, some medecine is alright, but most of it... I'd be scared to use it. Just a regular vaccine can give you serious diseases, side-effects like ADHD and dementia scribbled on the side as if they're not worse than a regular headache.

    If you pour water on a book, it'll be the book. :P Yeah, I like these little mixes of melody and wisdom/documentary/learning. Edumelody?

  58. Doomroar
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    So it IS the cleanest country!

    Na i am sure those are Ass Dan kids, they look just like him.
    The SNL official page, but that is either behind a paywall, limited to country, or the whole episode and not just the clip, and i don't know which episode that was from.

    Of course not, the negative one just means that the control group did better for some reason, that can also include the test group actually getting more sick, if we are going to cut it like that, then the non-conclusive immediately becomes negative because the thing didn't show anything above a placebo, however that wont be science, the guys are doing a good work as it is and i appreciate that.

    Sure don't get vaccinated, go with it.

    Is still edutainment.

  59. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    So far, certain parts do feel pretty unexploited. Though I don't see how that'd be a reason to exploit it all ASAP and make it as much of an environmental ruin as so many other countries...

    Aha. Greedy dudes.

    We do interpret things very differently some times.

    If I can avoid it, I don't. Considering the principle behind a vaccine is similar to homeopathy btw, I wonder if it'd be possible to make homeopathic remedies with the same effect as a vaccine, using trace bacteria rather than herbs, etc. Would be pretty neat if that worked...

    But I wanted to make something new! :O Oh well, one term to rue them all!

  60. Doomroar
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    Cause capitalism.


    Of course getting all the vaccines in existence would be quite a feat, but then again they are necessities not commodities. Refer to reply #48.

  61. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    Yeah, also the reason they recently changed the repo rate to -0,10%. Prevent people from stashing away their earnings, get them consuming instead. Apparently we aren't doing so at a drastic enough rate. To think maybe we were actually getting smarter, starting to care about the environment and stuff, but what's the future of the world weighed against a short-term financial collapse.

    Mmm. Even necessities can be improved!

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