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Week 30, 2017

First free day in like seven days straight!
Since my sister came around man it could have been eight!
I'm just saying, nowadays, I'm the one who runs the place.
All it takes! My back breaks but everybody eats the cake!
First my dad had a cough, then my mother had a cough,
Now my sister has a cough, so my sleep it gets lost,
And I've got: a little something itching in my throat.
Sly emote. Bitching. Was all she wrote.
But I won't break! Either I'll burn out at twenty-eight!
Or I'll come through strong like Alexander the Great!
To hesitate: was my one and only mistake.
And self-pity and a little bit of... well it was the one: wait.
But don't hate. Don't stress. Life's better than rest.
Rest's for the dead and wicked but I'm the best!
Always need a little self-incitement to bless the test,
And with this one it just ain't good enough with an F!
Back to school. And I'll pass it with... flying colors.
Act a fool..! Get cullered!
At my school! We never had time for studies,
Played it cool. Just wish I'd gotten a few more buddies,
But I'm not low yo. In life like in artistry I run solo.
Wish I could say family's still got my back, but right now it's a no no. It's a fact:
Life ain't always easy on the farm, but stay hard and keep calm - someday we'll build a barn. We're going on all fours and dirty.
Hash tag plant with a pant sag thanks (losing weight! So early)
It's week 30. And I'm still... 28.


And btw, just heard Chester Bennington died...
Something I can't comprehend getting pent up inside, I just...
Hope it's the last great one we lose to self-harm...
You know what they say, but in this case:
Third one's NOT the charm...


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