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Week 31, 2017

It's raining!
But it shouldn't have rained right now, it should have been two days!
It ain't that I'm complaining!!
It's just that I've been painting, now I had to put a tin plate on it to save it and I hope...
Tomorrow's still good enough!
Sun! I'll be in the woods, chopping up wood enough!
Been weeding the garden! I feel I've stood enough!
To me there's no harm in: the grievance of farming!
Work. Only Sunday's free! Monday's full steam!
No mundane me!
Work! Even with some mundane deeds I like this -
Work! Cause it never hurts. It toughens me up!
I'm feeling... not as much buff as I'd like but buffening up!
So much for the rut! Get up get a cut!
It's a new week and there's much in my truck!
I want to do too much stuff - build a bigger house,
That won't wither if I huff and I puff.
I'm in a... strange place between clarity and certain need of motivation, curtain ain't stirring, early morning, still lying in my early nineties bed like I might be dead!!!
But I ain't man - I've just gotta ice my head.
And cool down. It's been a month but: summer's still around.

And this Sunday's been all crinkles nil of frowns.
Little dimples get a round. And sun! Now week: 31.


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