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Week 32, 2017

It's another week and it's gonna be full,
It's gonna be grueling, gonna be fueling,
Gonna make old weeks just feel like a pull,
I mean like a good movie, something so soothing.
I thought I'd speak when I had a minute,
When the old week was finished,
Before I eat my spinach,
Get out and greet it grinning
Or maybe take a swim in our blue lake,
Move and make up for two cakes,
Go wild all day till the new age, the view's great,
You know I can't refuse it!
Had energy yesterday... I think I'll reuse it!

Maybe I'll peak when I have a minute,
I'm not the type to get a bag of Guinness,
I'd rather sag my jeans I mean I don't even feel my denims,
Go out like the whole ground's a menace!
Search for a pound of pennies! I'm heading everything! I've got to:
Clean up, and weed up, and paint up, and kneed dust, and eat much, and read up, and feel up, so free I'm, in need of, no healing! Summer time's come: with a million meanings.

I'm going knee in, friends. I'll see you then...
When the week ends.


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