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Week 32 & 33 - Hmmm..

We ventured to Kalix last week, the day after we planned to, and I would've written then if they hadn't recently introduced a brand new booking system for their public library computers which lets users hold a computer for an extensive unmarked amount of time, meaning there were no computers available; meaning there really is no booking system at all. Progress for the worse. Seeing my predicament, a kind librarian offered her own computer instead (though just for a quick check of email), a much appreciated act of unreserved kindness that I now blogfully announce in tribute.

But anyway, today's a rainy day, I rode on paved gray roads through rainy loads corroding the evading quay of lorries and worrisome strays. I bought a box of LEGO for only fifty S E K, a couple of comics and a game to train my brain and make it great like an old tape of Ice (Cube) Tray and Dre. As always time is getting late; spending just an hour every other week to meet the net it leaves no time for other needs, but on the other hand I'm trouble free, in mind I'm a double me that loves to breath, a smug emcee hugging trees and jumping in a giant tub of leaves. Free. Peace. Last week.


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