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Week 34, 2017

I think it's time for som improv!
I haven't done this in a long time...
Honestly I think I'm a bit lost!
But I'll keep going till I run out of words...
Or till I run out of rhyme.
I've been at work from like 7 to 9.
More like 9 to 5, including a mighty drive,
I wasn't sure I'd make it, but still I'm alive.

I flew down on a Monday, now I'm back with a flight.
I was tired like I was hunted but relaxed in the night,
Now it's raining like sun's game, it's lax with the plights,
But that's alright, I need a free day to feel great and

Now it's time for some improv!
Honestly only the four first lines...
After that the signs have been gone!
Like I was traveling blind, so I sat down to write.

Or just cackle and hype...
I've been South, but now I'm back in the wild,
I thought I'd record at least last week when I was back with the mic -
But days flew, I really had too many tasks in my sights,
And concerts! Long days, just one week but it was a MONSTER.
Potential product placement but I don't sell out,
I've been going hell-bound before the work could spell doubt,
But no stress! The week flew, but it was the most def!
Wish I could write till I had no prose left but
My books open, and I need to close it.
But hold this. I'll be back with no tips, just filler!
I've been back to basics; this week was a pillar.
And if last one was a monster, next will be a KILLER.

Week 34.


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