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Week 36 & 37 - Summer Recap

So... Gone in a Flash is gone, and another two weeks passed by in a flash! The first one I sold a book, helped a buddy move a bed (to his apartment, from IKEA, with a shopping cart), worked four out of five week days, spent the night of the fourth at a Bo Kaspers Orkester concert (awesome), and took a plane up North on a way-too-early Saturday morning for one last weekend in the stunning summer wonder before the wonder runs away and bummer all is gray!

It was a great trip. Short but full of I'd-like-to-say-sunshine-but-mostly-clouds, yet we didn't stall each day: we woke up tall and walked till our walls were waves. We went out on the lake, cycled, dug, hammered, chopped, scraped, hopped, dipped, picked, packed, prepped, ate fresh fish and took a trip into Överkalix for a final gaze at the town and late day shopping, ran around and did things, and took photos, and Tuesday night the next week we were back in Stockholm again; back to work.

Since then I've been trying to catch up on all that which I didn't catch up on before the second leave, and I think I'm finally getting there! I went to a Backyard Babies concert last Friday too, and it was awesome, albeit a bit less packed than the previous two. The energy levels were not quite so high as they were the previous two weeks, despite way higher music. The drums were so loud they bounced off my chest like a second heartbeat, and the bass shook the ground. A while after the show I was afraid I might've permanently damaged my hearing - sounds were dim and distant, but it came back. I just posted a Musicalish for them, btw, and here's a couple more for Mando Diao. Bo Kaspers edition coming soon.

On Sunday I was ready to embark on a trip to Vaxholm (it's a beautiful island in the Stockholm archipelago with a rich cultural heritage), but the buddy who suggested the trip couldn't make it so... I did some work at home. Watched some movies. Posted 6 reviews. I have a bundle of those coming up soon, but as for the things I've been catching up on - all those important worldly events and other wonders, let me recap real quick:

Tech N9ne is coming out with a storm, Andrew Huang made an album with an iPhone 3G, China Mac put out a quick mixtape you can find here or here, Harambe's dead, Karmin's new album Leo Rising is out, Nigahiga made a movie, and I missed /img/4/Tech-N9ne-Warrior-Built.jpg">this thing! Damn!!

There's tons of music I've been catching up on too. A massive Summer's Batch of Musicalish is in the making. Oh, and there's a new Watsky album! Have you checked out the new Nintendo Mini? Episode 472 of Naruto was just so sad goddammnit. Skylar Gray is coming out with a new album soon. Mac Lethal, Bernz, Grouplove and Meatloaf dropped theirs this summer, and I think Snow Tha Product has something going on too. So far I'm really enjoying Bernz solo debute, and Watsky's music videos have me expecting something out of this world for x Infinity.

What else? This is old, but I was going to jog for Sverige På Fötter and I missed the date entirely. It's been a week now. Too long. Not sure what I was doing at 5 PM on the 14th of June, but it's marked as a free day on my calender so... maybe I was doing something worthwhile? Hope I was participating without even knowing it. And in unrelated wordplay, there's an ice cream brand called Diplom Ice. I'd rather get a diploma for ice cream instead. And I've been picking apples, plums, blackberries and tons of (edible) flowers. Summer's not out of here yet!

Here's a kickstarter due in a couple of weeks you might want to check out, and here's last week. On the blog I've posted 6 reviews, 3 Musicalish (above) and this (referenced at start of post). Ciao for now!


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  1. S3C
    Friday Oct/7/2016

    hmm...i haven't been to Ikea in a while. Should go again soon for the sake of Sweden...had a bag of Swedish Fish the other day though so there is that.

    yes, those photos I can comment on them individually, make silly humorous remarks, and we can trade produce knowledge (for tradition's sake)

    I thought Meatloaf was dead?

    plums huh...I think this is the first time I've heard of you picking stone fruit in the Great White Norths

  2. Cyber
    Friday Oct/7/2016

    That's more Swedish food than I've had in weeks. :) On topic of candy though: I went to a chocolate and baking festival yesterday. Delicious delicacies. Though too much. Feel pretty iffy today.

    Much looking forward to that traditional trade. :) Gotta get that post together...

    Apparently they live!!

    Might be the first time I've posted about it! I've picked plums a couple years now, but earlier there wasn't much. This year: fantastic plum year. They only grow in the South of the Great White North though.

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